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Practice Outside of the Box

For this month’s article, I’d like to discuss the concept of practicing creatively or “outside of the box”. I’ll agree there’s certainly nothing wrong with playing through a drum method book as written. However, I’ve discovered that there are many…

By Billy Ashbaugh
Sep 30, 2022

The Business Side of Drumming

For this month’s article, I’m going to share some of my personal insights for dealing with the business side of drumming. If you’re lucky enough to be making a living playing drums, then you are already aware of the importance…

By Billy Ashbaugh
Aug 31, 2022

The Game Changers Part 2

Welcome back for part two! Last month we discussed several important topics that I felt were monumental in my growth as a player. Those were: understanding subdivision, learning to read music, developing your ears, and learning to write charts/roadmaps. Once…

By Billy Ashbaugh
Jul 31, 2022

The Game Changers Part 1

For this month’s article I’d like to share several different topics that I feel were monumental for my growth as a drummer. I call these “The Game Changers”. There are several topics so this article will be split into two parts.…

By Billy Ashbaugh
Jun 30, 2022

Touring Life and Lessons

For this month’s article, I’m going to share some of my experiences from over the years while on tour with various artists. I’ve been fortunate enough to have done many different “levels” of tours, everything from stadiums to smaller 200-300…

By Billy Ashbaugh
May 27, 2022

Recording from Home and Wearing Three Hats

Last month we talked about the challenges of picking up the drumsticks for the first time, studying, and the process of learning to become a good drummer. This month we take a big jump forward in your drumming journey. My…

By Billy Ashbaugh
Apr 30, 2022


My name is Mark Griffith, I am a professional musician who happens to play drums. I tour, play locally, record, do clinics, masterclasses, teach, and I write. I started writing for Modern Drummer under Ron Spagnardi’s leadership 25 years ago,…

Mark Griffith
Mar 31, 2022

Concepts for Beginners

This month’s article will focus on some monumental ideas that will help you quicken your growth as a drummer when first starting out. Some of these concepts were taught to me by my drum instructors when I was younger, and…

By Billy Ashbaugh
Mar 31, 2022

The Empty Canvas

Accepting Creative Input For this article I’d like to talk about a luxury that we don’t always get to experience as a professional drummer, I call it “The Empty Canvas.” This simply refers to the amount of creative input that…

By Billy Ashbaugh
Feb 28, 2022

Balancing Grunt Work and Creativity

This is a follow up to the March 2021 article I did for MD entitled “Practice Like a Pro.” (You can find it at In that piece, I shared techniques that can be used to effectively learn songs. Muscle…

By Billy Ashbaugh
Jun 18, 2021

The Importance of Writing Notation

We have all heard that it’s very beneficial for drummers to learn how to read music. I completely agree. For me, it was one of the many game changers for my drumming. Learning to understand basic notation gave me the…

By Billy Ashbaugh
May 17, 2021

Practice Like a Pro

How to Maximize Your Time Behind the Kit The purpose of the article is to share some helpful practice tips that I’ve picked up over the years. These ideas work amazingly well when you’re learning new material for a gig.…

Modern Drummer
Feb 26, 2021

March 2002 - Volume 26 • Number 3

Scott Phillips, Virgil Donati, Simon Phillips, Leon Parker, Danny Carey, Ryan Vikedal, Billy Ashbaugh, Dave Dunseath, Brian Tichy, Adam Pedretti, Matt Abts, Karsh Kale, Jon Wysocki, Gary Novak, John Blackwell, Bobby Rondinelli TO READ THE FULL STORY: LOG IN Digital…

Modern Drummer
Mar 1, 2002

June 2000 - Volume 24 • Number 6

Akira Jimbo, Simon Phillips, Airto, Mark Schulman, Billy Ashbaugh, William Bryant, Ivan Hampden, Marvin Hammett, Frank Beard, Joel Rosenblatt, Barry “Frosty” Smith, Bill Stevenson, Dmitri Tsvetkov, Steve Alexander, Russ McKinnon, Mark Zonder TO READ THE FULL STORY: LOG IN Digital…

Modern Drummer
Jun 1, 2000