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On The Cover - Warpaint's Stella Mozgawa

If the dominant theme of drumming in the twenty-first century is the blurring of lines—playing versus programming, online versus on stage, tradition versus exploration, band membership versus freelance work—then here is a player who stands tall as a gleaming reminder…

Adam Budofsky
Feb 23, 2017

Will Calhoun

For decades Living Colour’s connoisseur of all things rhythmic has journeyed to the far corners of the globe to perform, search for rare instruments, and jam with local musicians. Now he’s released a highly personal tribute to the most adventurous…

Story by Ken Micallef | Photos by Rahav Segev
Feb 23, 2017

On The Cover - Chris Dave

The iconoclastic rhythm auteur is readying his hotly anticipated new album. MD contributor Ken Micallef got an early listen, and, transfixed by its contents, presses its creator for explanations and looks for clues to his self-expression. TO READ THE FULL…

Ken Micallef
Feb 23, 2017

On The Cover - Kenny Aronoff

This is one of life’s simple truths: The more you learn, the more you realize how much more you have to learn. Here is another simple truth: Kenny Aronoff understands this better than almost anybody. It’s a key reason he’s…

Billy Amendola
Feb 17, 2017

Neil Peart

For his (record) ninth MD cover-story interview, Rush’s drummer holds a typically fluid and intense discussion of soloing and set lists, the very real differences between his drumming past and present, and the much-speculated topic of his band’s future. TO…

Modern Drummer
Nov 9, 2015