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The Importance of Writing Notation

We have all heard that it’s very beneficial for drummers to learn how to read music. I completely agree. For me, it was one of the many game changers for my drumming. Learning to understand basic notation gave me the…

By Billy Ashbaugh
May 17, 2021

Practice Like a Pro

How to Maximize Your Time Behind the Kit The purpose of the article is to share some helpful practice tips that I’ve picked up over the years. These ideas work amazingly well when you’re learning new material for a gig.…

Modern Drummer
Feb 26, 2021


Part 1: Where Did It Go? Individuality is defined as the unique characteristics and traits that make someone or something one of a kind. I thought a discussion about being yourself was important to bring up, and I will be…

Modern Drummer
Dec 1, 2020

What Now?

As I write this, we are smack dab in the middle of the COVID crisis. This pandemic has affected us all now for many months. I mention this because it’s had a massive impact on musicians working in touring and…

Modern Drummer
Nov 1, 2020

On Preparation

In short, preparation is the mark of a true professional. TO READ THE FULL STORY: LOG IN Digital Access $4.99 /month or $49.99 /year SAVE 15% Digital Monthly Magazine 47 Years of Archives (500+ Issues) 40+ Drum Channel Subscribe Now…

by Andrew Marshall
Dec 27, 2019

Son Of The One-Handed Roll

What has happened is that semantics have created a communication problem. What these teachers refer to as a

by Roy Burns
May 14, 2019


Being a truly professional drummer involves more than just making all or part of your living playing the drums. It is an attitude that is developed through experience and self-discipline.

by Roy Burns
Apr 4, 2019

Drumming And The Practice Pad

Some drummers hate practice pads; others are never without them. Some teachers recommend practice pads; others say that you should practice on the drums.

by Roy Burns
Mar 26, 2019

Teaching By Intimidation

Imagine how you would feel if, on your first drum lesson with a new teacher, the teacher said,

by Roy Burns
Mar 20, 2019

More Questions And Some Answers

I find that there are young drummers today asking some of the same questions, as well as some new ones. So I thought it was about time to address a few of those questions. TO READ THE FULL STORY: LOG…

by Roy Burns
Feb 5, 2019


When successful people in all walks of life are asked how they achieved their success, they almost always attribute it to perseverance. TO READ THE FULL STORY: LOG IN Digital Access $4.99 /month or $49.99 /year SAVE 15% Digital Monthly…

by Roy Burns
Jan 25, 2019

Getting Unstuck

I have a few students who are accomplished, professional drummers. I always ask them, “Why are you here? You play well, and you’re working. How can I help you?” In almost every case, the response is, “I just feel stuck.…

by Roy Burns
Dec 12, 2018

Mousey Alexander — Drumming And Courage

In 1957, I was scheduled for an audition with Benny Goodman's band at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

by Roy Burns
Nov 14, 2018

Drummers And Drum Shops

The drum shop is a special place.

by Roy Burns
Nov 8, 2018