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VIDEO DEMO! Product Close-Up: Sabian Big & Ugly Collection

This review originally published in the April 2015 issue of Modern Drummer magazine. Order a print copy here or learn more about the issue here. Sabian Big & Ugly Ride Collection Large, raw cymbals designed to deliver a darker and richer old-world-style…

Modern Drummer
May 13, 2015

VIDEO LESSON! Drum Miking 101, Part 5: Multi-Mic Setup

This excerpt is taken from the complete review that appears in the June 2015 issue, which can be purchased here. Electronic Insights Drum Miking 101 Part 5: Multi-Mic Setup by John Emrich Over the past few months, we’ve explored miking a…

Modern Drummer
Apr 30, 2015

Remo Percussion at NAMM 2015 Pt (VIDEO)

In the video from NAMM 2015, Remo’s Chris Wakelin introduces us to two new drumheads from Remo for 2015. First is the new Powerstroke 77. The Coated Powerstroke 77 has two 7-mil plies, a 7-mil underlay ring that reduces overtones,…

Modern Drummer
Mar 6, 2015

VIDEO! Product Close-Up: Tama Superstar Reissue Snare (From the Feb. 2014 Issue)

The following review originally appeared in the February 2015 of Modern Drummer, which can be purchased at here. Product Close-Up Tama 40th Anniversary Superstar Reissue Snare A fitting tribute to the big, bold birch tones that defined the sound of the…

Modern Drummer
Feb 21, 2015

VIDEO! Solid Soloing, Part 2: Changing Note Rates (From the January 2015 Issue)

The excerpt below is taken from the January 2015 issue of Modern Drummer. Drum Soloist Solid Soloing Part 2: Changing Note Rates by James Murphy In this miniseries we’re utilizing my “glue” method to gain freedom and flow while soloing.…

Modern Drummer
Dec 23, 2014

Linear Fills, Part 1 (UPDATED)

September 2010 Rock ’n’ Jazz Clinic Linear Fills, Part 1 by Mike Johnston In this video, MD columnist Mike Johnston demonstrates some of the linear patterns based on 16th-notes that are included in his article from the September 2010 issue of…

Modern Drummer
Jul 25, 2013

Zack B.’s Drum Cover of “The Hard Man Theme??? from Mega Man 3

MD Online was recently hipped to drummer Zack B.’s fantastic drum cover of “The Hard Man Theme” from the ’90s Nintendo video game Mega Man 3. We asked Zack why he chose this particular track to cover, and he took…

Modern Drummer
May 14, 2013

Adrian Young Drum Contest Winner Announced

Last month, Adrian Young of No Doubt invited drummers to participate in a competition surrounding “Push and Shove,” the title track from the band’s most recent album. Contestants submitted their drum covers for a chance to win gear from Orange…

Modern Drummer
Apr 29, 2013

Paul Leim at the 2012 Regina Drum Festival

  Check out this montage of Paul Leim’s master class and clinic performances at the Regina Drum Festival, held this past September 14 and 15 at the Performing Arts Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Other drummers on the bill included…

Modern Drummer
Jan 25, 2013

J.P. Bouvet's Winning Performance from Guitar Center’s 2011 Drum-Off

  Check out J.P. Bouvet's winning performance from Guitar Center's 2011 Drum-Off competition. For more on J.P., read his Portrait piece in the September 2012 issue of Modern Drummer magazine.  

Modern Drummer
Jul 17, 2012

Allen Blickle Recording the New Baroness Album, Yellow & Green

  Watch Allen Blickle record and talk about the making of the new Baroness album, Yellow & Green. For more with Allen, read his blog.  

Modern Drummer
Jul 12, 2012

Jamaican Crossover Hits

Jamaican rhythms have found a home on the rock and pop charts for decades. The ’70s and ’80s were especially good to ska, rocksteady, reggae, and associated rhythms, with American superstars such as Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder turning them…

Modern Drummer
Jun 26, 2012

Lauren Alaina’s Adam Silverman Gives a Quick Tour of His Setup

  In this clip Jason Aldean's drummer Rich Redmond chats with Lauren Alaina’s Adam Silverman about his setup. Alaina was the season-ten runner-up on American Idol.  

Modern Drummer
Apr 11, 2012

Zach Danziger tracking “Frank’s Drebin??? for the upcoming album by Mister Barrington

Take a quick peak at Zach Danziger tracking “Frank’s Drebin” for the upcoming album by Mister Barrington. Click here to watch the video for “Rawzz,” from the upcoming second Mister Barrington album featuring Zach Danziger.  

Modern Drummer
Jan 4, 2012