Travis Orbin

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Episode 138: Travis Orbin, Five-Note Phrasing, Yamaha Tour Custom Drumset, and More

In this episode Mike and Mike discuss progressive metal master Travis Orbin, whose new EP, Silly String II, is transcribed in the May 2018 issue of Modern Drummer. The education segment focuses on how to use five-note phrasings in grooves.…

Modern Drummer
Apr 13, 2018

Episode 21: Ludwig Black Beauty, Turkish Cymbal Making, Meinl’s Byzance Vintage Pure, Travis Orbin, and More

In this episode, Mike and Mike whether or not the Ludwig Black Beauty is still made with a seamless snare, and they discuss the myth and lore of Turkish cymbal making before diving into a review of Meinl’s Byzance Vintage…

Modern Drummer
Dec 25, 2015

On the Beat With Travis Orbin of Darkest Hour

Hello MD! Back in November 2011, my producer/engineer friend Taylor Larson informed me that Darkest Hour was renting a space at his studio for some upcoming tours. (This was shortly after they parted ways with their longtime drummer.) Taylor recommended…

Modern Drummer
Jun 9, 2015

Win a SensiTone Beaded Brass Snare Drum from Darkest Hour's Travis Orbin and Pearl! (Updated)

Darkest Hour - Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2014 Travis Orbin is currently on tour with Darkest Hour, marking the band’s twentieth anniversary by performing the Undoing Ruin album in its entirety. To celebrate this milestone, Pearl, Zildjian, Vic Firth, and Remo…

Modern Drummer
Jun 8, 2015