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Supernova Custom Drums

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Supernova Custom Drums ResoAir Shells

ResoAir Shells are said to produce a full-bodied, concentrated tone due to their distinctive structure, which involves internal air chambers.                  

Modern Drummer
Sep 25, 2012

Supernova Custom Drums Announces Snare Drum World Tour

The ‘Supernova Custom Drums Snare World Tour’ aims to give their Facebook Friends a chance to try out one of their custom made snare drums in their own homes/practice spaces/gigs, so we are sending one out to complete a very…

Modern Drummer
Jan 6, 2012

SuperNova Custom Drums

Supernova Custom Drums builds models tailored to customers’ requirements, with many different shell composition options. Standard woods used for ply drums include birch, maple, oak, and mahogany. The company also offers metal snare drums and stave drums of various wood…

Modern Drummer
Aug 11, 2011