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VIDEO DEMO: RBH Drums Americana Jump Kit

 This excerpt is taken from the complete article that appears in the September 2015 issue, which is available here. Product Close-Up RBH Drums Americana Jump Kit Impossibly big and rich tones from a tiny grab-and-go setup. Virginia Beach–based RBH Drums…

Modern Drummer
Jul 30, 2015

VIDEO DEMO! Product Close-Up: Sabian Big & Ugly Collection

This review originally published in the April 2015 issue of Modern Drummer magazine. Order a print copy here or learn more about the issue here. Sabian Big & Ugly Ride Collection Large, raw cymbals designed to deliver a darker and richer old-world-style…

Modern Drummer
May 13, 2015

Peace Drums at NAMM 2015 (VIDEO)

In this video tour from NAMM 2015, Mark Esquer shows us the range of new products from Peace Drums. First off, we look at a Paragon series drumset featuring Deuce lugs, 9-ply Canadian maple shells with a kamfleur tree veneer, and…

Modern Drummer
Feb 6, 2015

RBH Drums at NAMM 2015 (VIDEO)

In this video from NAMM 2015, RBH Drums’ Bruce Hagwood shows us an assortment of sets and snares, including the new Americana Jump Kit with 13x16 bass drum and Axis snare basket, the Diamond Series drumkit with hand-cut inlays, solid-leather…

Modern Drummer
Jan 30, 2015

Product Close-Up: RBH Monarch Drumset

July 2013 Product Close-Up RBH Drums Monarch Drumset by Michael Dawson RBH Drums is based in Virginia Beach and is operated by Bruce Hagwood, who’s a trained percussionist, retired firefighter, and master woodworker. Hagwood got into building drums in the…

Modern Drummer
May 15, 2013