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Mayhem Week! Brandon Saller of Atreyu

By the looks of the divots in my drumheads after the first day of Mayhem, the energy will be raging this summer. After a month in Europe on my scaled-down kit, it’s nice to get back to the big dog.…

Modern Drummer
Jul 28, 2010

Mayhem Week! Jeremy Spencer of Five Finger Death Punch

This is the first tour on which we have big production, which is really exciting but also presents a challenge. Some venues aren’t large enough to fit it in on the stage! We have a huge hydraulic drum riser that…

Modern Drummer
Jul 27, 2010

Jeremy Spencer of Five Finger Death Punch

So, we just finished our tour and we're back home for a few weeks before embarking on the Mayhem tour with Slipknot. We completed a six-week run with Disturbed, and it all seems like a blur. Sold-out show after sold-out…

Modern Drummer
Jun 4, 2008