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VIDEO LESSON! John Bonham–Style Foot Pattern: Getting Creative With the “Four Sticks??? Ostinato

This excerpt is taken from the complete review that appears in the June 2015 issue, which can be purchased here. Rock Perspectives John Bonham–Style Foot Pattern Creative Ideas Based on the “Four Sticks” Ostinato by Powell Randolph Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham…

Modern Drummer
Apr 30, 2015

Product Close-Up: Ludwig Classic Maple Drumset

October 2013 Product Close-Up Ludwig Classic Maple Drumset by Michael Dawson Ludwig drums are widely regarded as the sound that defined rock ’n’ roll, thanks in large part to their close association with ’60s/’70s superstars like the Beatles’ Ringo Starr…

Modern Drummer
Aug 29, 2013

Rock Perspectives: Half-Time Shuffle

April 2013 Rock Perspectives The Half-Time Shuffle Variations on One of Drumming’s Slinkiest Grooves by Dave Beyer The half-time shuffle is a signature beat for some of the most legendary drummers in history. Guys like Bernard Purdie, John Bonham, and…

Modern Drummer
Mar 12, 2013

John Bonham: The Soul Of Rock Drumming

The greatest rock ’n’ roll drummer in history was a soul drummer. Despite all the deserved attention paid to his brilliant soloing ideas, his rhythmic sophistication, or his bass drum prowess, John Bonham was, above all else, a groover. Drummers…

Modern Drummer
Jul 26, 2010