Building Bass Drum Technique – Strength, Speed, Endurance and Control for Single Bass Drum Players



This book from Modern Drummer founder Ron Spagnardi will help drummers using a traditional single bass set-up attain the most effective and efficient results from their playing.


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Building Bass Drum Technique has been written for single bass drum players who wish to devel­op a greater level of bass drum foot strength, speed, endurance, and control.

Though many of today’s drummers have opted for double bass drums and double bass ped­als, an equally large number have remained with the traditional single bass drum setup. Development of the foot on a single bass drum can present quite a different challenge from dou­ble bass drums or double pedals. This book has been written to help the single bass drum play­er attain the most effective and efficient results.

Building Bass Drum Technique is designed in a very simple, methodical manner. The book’s eight sections offer bass drum development exercises using 8th notes, triplets, two common 16th-note figures, straight 16th notes, 16th-note triplets, and 32nd notes.

Each section of the book is divided into five parts. Part 1 presents a speed and endurance program with an accompanying progress chart. Part 2 is a study in the use of accents with the foot. Part 3 offers a solo using bass drum alone. In Part 4 a selection of hand and foot patterns helps to further develop bass drum speed, control, and hand/foot coordination. Part 5 is a sum­mary of the entire section with a solo that further enhances the hand and foot reflex action.

Finally, in the last section of the book, five challenging solos are presented using combinations of the previously studied material.

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