Paradiddle Power – Increasing Your Technique on the Drumset with Paradiddles



Paradiddle Power is a unique study of the many applications of single, double, and triple paradiddles around the drumset, designed to increase players’ speed, creativity, and fluency.


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Paradiddle Power is a study of the many applications of single, double, and triple paradiddles around the drumset. The material in this book is designed to increase your speed and creativity with paradiddle sticking, and mastery of the exercises here will greatly improve your ability to move around the drumset with paradiddle com­binations.

The book is divided into six main sections: The first three involve, respectively, single, double, and triple paradiddles in 16th-note and triplet form. Each of these sections is further divided into six parts. Part l uses the paradiddle orchestrated around three drums: snare drum, small tom, and large tom. In Part 2, a second rack tom is added to the drumset configuration. Part 3 explores paradiddles and cross­sticking. Pc;ut 4 of each section deals with the use of single, double, and triple para­diddles as rock, funk, and shuffle beats with varied bass drum patterns. Paradiddles as rock fills comprise Part 5, followed by paradiddle combinations as jazz fills in Part 6.

Sections 4, 5, and 6 of the book explore more advanced concepts: single para­diddles in triplets, double paradiddles in 16th notes, and triple paradiddles in triplets. Be prepared to devote extra time to these advanced sections.

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