October 2023 – Volume 47 • Number 10


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Articles in October 2023

Product Close-Up

ddrum SE Flyer Pitstop 4 Piece Shell Pack, Vintage Sparkle, Vintage vibes in a small footprint

Beginning last year, ddrum has offered what they refer to as the “Pitstop” configuration of their SE Flyer line of shell packs. The Pitstop configuration features smaller drum sizes than the original SE Flyer kit, which makes it very compact.…

By Jason Mehler
Oct 1, 2023
On the Cover

John “JR” Robinson, Everything is Subject to Change

Photo by Kevin Wilson   John “JR” Robinson is always busy. But he’s been busier than usual. He has a new band called SRT that he’s (for the first time ever) taking on the road, and a new record called…

By Mark Griffith
Oct 1, 2023
Rock 'n' Jazz Clinic

The Bass Drum Owners Manual: Applying the Ankle, Leg, and Down Stroke to Consecutive Doubles and Grooves with Triplets

  In past month’s we have detailed Michael Packer’s techniques of ankle, leg, and down strokes with the hi-hat and the bass drum feet. This month we will look at the applications of these strokes to playing consecutive doubles and…

By Michael Packer
Oct 1, 2023

Turnstile’s Daniel Fang, Breaking Beats and Pushing Boundaries

Photo by Pooneh Ghana   From the energetic crowds to the adrenaline-pumping music, there’s nothing quite like a Turnstile show. For years, this hardcore punk band has been captivating audiences with their unique blend of punk, funk, and hardcore, earning…

By Daniel “Ziggy” Laverde
Oct 1, 2023
New and Notable

New And Notable October 2023

Pearl’s Masters Maple Gum Series drums  When it comes to drumming in the modern recording environment, the Maple/Gum shell combination has a sublime history. Pearl first incorporated this legendary blend on Masterworks drums with the Sonic Select Studio shell recipe.…

Modern Drummer
Oct 1, 2023
Collector's Corner

Rick Allen’s Def Leppard Collection

It was a thrill when I got a call from the iconic Def Leppard. They started out in 1976 like countless teenage bands in Sheffield, England. Over 100 million albums later, they are still going strong, selling out stadiums all…

By Donn Bennett
Oct 1, 2023
Teacher's Forum

Understanding the Language of Music, Chord Inversions

      Modern Drummer founder Ron Spagnardi wrote an excellent book called Understanding the Language of Music, a Drummer’s Guide to Theory and Harmony. This book spells out the basics of theory and harmony in a very easy to…

By Ron Spagnardi
Oct 1, 2023

Is that a Sinatra Drummer in your Pocket, or are you Glad to See Me?

Photo by Tom Ranier   Shortly after receiving word that my name appeared at the top of a list in the Modern Drummer 2023 Reader Poll (for Jazz, a list that includes Brian Blade, Terri Lyne Carrington, Joe Farnsworth and…

By Peter Erskine
Oct 1, 2023
Jazz Drummer's Workshop

Fill-In Studies

In previous issues of Modern Drummer, we have printed the first three parts of the “Stone Killer.” Joe advanced the idea of those endurance exercises with his Fill-In Studies These are not “drum fills,” instead they are endurance exercises built…

By Joe Morello
Oct 1, 2023
An Editor's Overview

Beneath the surface. Under the hood. Inside the mindset. Revealing the surprising facts…of Modern Drumming!

That’s what Modern Drummer is about today! After nearly 50 years of Modern Drummer, what is left to say about stickings, snares, cymbal choice, and sound? Most of it has been discussed many times over. Frank Zappa said, “Writing about…

Mark Griffith
Oct 1, 2023
Out Now

OUT NOW! October 2023

Modern Drummer enjoys spotlighting new recordings that have the drums at the center of their sound. These new or reissued recordings might be drummer-led, or just include a high-quality, special, or unique drumming and musical performance from the drummer and/or…

Modern Drummer
Oct 1, 2023

GADD: A LIFE IN TIME, The Story Behind the Book

The origins of Hudson Music’s new book, GADD: A Life in Time, a complete history and analysis of Steve Gadd’s storied career as a drummer, go back awhile. Over forty years, in fact. Sometime in the early 1980s, a relatively…

By Joe Bergamini
Oct 1, 2023
Kit of the Month

Kit Of The Month - The Desert Tornado

This month’s Modern Drummer Kit of the Month comes from James Dalzell of Cave Creek, Arizona. James’  kit is a massive 20 piece DW Collectors Maple set in Black Velvet Swirl. James’ cymbals are by Sabian and Paiste, and his…

Modern Drummer
Oct 1, 2023

Greta Van Fleet’s Danny Wagner, Climbing the Mountain of Modern Rock

Photo by Alex Kluft   The glory days of rock music are believed to be over and done with, but that may not be the case. One band has defined what it means to be a modern-day rock band. Greta…

By Danny “Ziggy” Laverde
Oct 1, 2023

The Teacher Learns Twice

“One heart, one mind, one groove.”  -Rick Lazar, Samba Squad Drummers around the world have something no other instrumentalists have, we’re one big tribe, one that supports and shares like no other. As soon as you meet another drummer, the…

By Chris Lesso
Oct 1, 2023

Jamie Wollam, Tears for Fears

Photo by: Felipe Lavede   Drum Kit:  A&F Royal Brass kit  14x6.5 snare, 8x12 small tom, 16x16 floor tom, 16x18 floor tom, 14x24 bass drum   Hardware:  A&F Nickel Hardware  Electronic pedal DW 9000 Bass drum pedal- DW DWCPMCD2 MCD…

Modern Drummer
Oct 1, 2023