March 1985 – Volume 9 • Number 3


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Articles in March 1985


The World Of Henry Adler

JD: How did you start playing drums? HA: Both my brother and sister played instruments. I was the youngest, I loved music, and I had a feeling for drums. I grew up during the Depression, so it was very tough…

by Jim Dinella
Aug 22, 2018

Duran Duran’s Roger Taylor

Being a pop star isn't easy. Twenty-four-year-old Roger Taylor breathes a sigh of relief as he says, "It's so nice to be talking about drums.'' It's probably the first time that he's had the opportunity, despite the countless interviews he's…

by Robyn Flans
Aug 22, 2018

Drumming And Automatic Learning

Why is it so difficult to break a bad habit? Why is it so difficult to learn a new skill after some years of playing? Why do players get "stuck" on certain patterns, and play them over and over again…

by Roy Burns
Aug 22, 2018

March 1985 - Volume 9 • Number 3

Roger Taylor, Rod Morgenstein, John VonOhlen, Nick Ceroli, Henry Adler, Jah Bunny, Steve Nesbitt, Drummie Zeb, Jim Brown, John Rae, Elvin Jones, Matt Frenette, Larrie Londin, Bill Bruford

Modern Drummer
Mar 1, 1985

English Reggae

Mention the word reggae and immediately visions of sun-soaked Jamaica come to mind. Reggae is, after all, a Jamaican music form. Its birthplace is the back alley recording studios and steamy streets of Kingston, the island's major city. But ever…

by Robert Santelli
Aug 22, 2018