January 2012 Issue – Volume 37 • Number 1


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Articles in January 2012


Memorizing Tempos

Tips for Finding Your Own Reference Points That seat we sit on is affectionately called a throne. This signifies to me that we are kings—or queens—of our domain. As such, we are in a position of power and honor. This…

by Mark Schulman
Mar 6, 2018

Aaron Comess

It’s been twenty years since the Spin Doctors embedded themselves in the recesses of our ears with hits like “Two Princes,” “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong,” and “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues.” Turns out those gloriously grooving performances represent but one side…

Story by Robin Tolleson | Photos by Paul La Raia
Mar 6, 2018

Hüsker Dü's Grant Hart

In the mid-’80s, Hüsker Dü fused hardcore punk with bittersweet pop, setting the table for an entire generation of angst-ridden alterna-rockers. Two decades on, the band’s drummer—who also happened to contribute half of the compositions and vocals—traces the trio’s profound…

by David Jarnstrom
Mar 6, 2018
Rock 'n' Jazz Clinic

Sticking the Beat

A Four-Step Process to Discovering New Grooves In this article I’ll show you how sticking patterns can be applied to the drumset to create various grooves. Each groove is built from the ground up, progressing through four easy-to-understand steps. The…

by Joel Popelsky
Mar 6, 2018