February March 1980 – Volume 4 • Number 1


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Articles in February March 1980


Colloquium III

Colloquium III Freddie Waits, Horacee Arnold, Billy Hart CI: How did the three of you get together for this project? FW: I've heard various versions of how we got together. I'll tell you my version. For years, I loved Billy…

by Cheech lero
Feb 23, 2017

Concepts - Stanley Spector: Challenging the Rudimental System

Concepts Stanley Spector Challenging the Rudimental System Stanley Spector studied percussion with Ralph Eames, George L. Stone and Simon Sternberg. He was a scholarship student at Tanglewood from 1942-46 and received a Bachelor of Music Degree from Boston University in…

by Stanley Spector
Feb 23, 2017

February March 1980 - Volume 4 • Number 1

Horacee Arnold, Billy Hart, Freddie Watts, Alan White, Dave Mattacks, Roberta Crain, Keith Moon, Stanley Spector, Peter Magadini, Andy Newmark, Duffy Jackson, Joe Cocuzzo, Chuck Hughes

Modern Drummer
Feb 1, 1980

Alan White - Yes-Man

Alan White Yes-Man Yes is one of the few bands who combine exploration of musical art forms with the vitality of rock music. Their arrangements are impeccable and their playing skills, superb. What's more, those guys can cook! Alan White…

by Susan Alexander
Feb 23, 2017

Roberta Crain - Navy Drummer

Roberta Crain Navy Drummer Roberta Crain is a 21-year old drummer in the United States Navy Music Program. Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Roberta's training was as an orchestral drummer. After passing the rigorous Navy audition, she…

by Robert Stone
Feb 23, 2017