February 1986 – Volume 10 • Number 2


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Articles in February 1986

Dave Huff: White Heart And Beyond

Dave Huff had to feel proud during the 1984 Grammy Awards show. He was the drummer in a Christian rock group called White Heart that was nominated for an award.

by Larry Rhodes
Oct 11, 2018

New Edition’s Danny Donnelly (A. K. A. Zoro)

Edition is one of the hottest acts in show business today, taking the R&B market by storm and making some crossover inroads onto the pop charts.

by Rick Van Horn
Oct 11, 2018

The Shuffle

One might be hard pressed to find anything more musically exciting than a good drummer setting fire to a band by laying down a strong, straight-ahead shuffle beat. The shuffle is a very dynamic rhythmic feel. It has been used…

by Randy Martin
Oct 11, 2018

Jimmie Fadden — dirt ’n’ drums

I never had any formal training. I came into music probably like a lot of people do. The band got together and said,

by Robyn Flans
Oct 11, 2018

February 1986 - Volume 10 • Number 2

Roy Hanes, A.J. Pero, Jimmie Fadden, Willie Wilcox, Dan Donnelly, David Calarco, Dave Huff, Neil peart, Danny Gottlieb, Bobby Rondinelli, Boo Boo McAfee, Curly Whitaker

Modern Drummer
Feb 1, 1986

David Calarco — The Upstate Burn

David Calarco is probably one of the hottest young acoustic jazz drummers around today.

by Rick Van Horn
Oct 11, 2018