August 1983 – Volume 7 • Number 8


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Articles in August 1983

Bill Maxwell A Gift Of Music

To deem Bill Maxwell a "Christian drummer" is a half-truth at best. The implication is similar in effect to calling someone a "blues drummer" or a "country drummer. " It imposes limitations. Bill Maxwell stands out as one of the…

By Scott K. Fish | Photos by Rick Malkin
Jan 5, 2018


As Airto takes the stage, his presence fills the room. The large and powerful looking man appears almost gruff, unwelcoming, austere, intimidating at initial glance. But then the second glance, his eyes sparkling as he offers his first warm and…

by Robyn Flans
Jan 5, 2018


Rumors abound in the music business. They seem to spring from everywhere, adding confusion to an already confusing business. These rumors must come from someplace, although individuals rarely admit to starting them. One way rumors get started is when a…

By Roy Burns
Jan 5, 2018

Mark Herndon: Rockin' Alabama

Every musician dreams of finding just the "right" band to join, but after meeting the other members of Alabama for the first time, Mark Herndon was glad that they didn’t hire him. My mother worked as a receptionist at a…

by Rick Mattingly
Jan 5, 2018

Adam Shendal: Working Vegas

Vegas. It’s a word that conjures a succession of freeze-frame images: The glittering marquees that boast some of the world’s most dynamic performers; the smoke filled but lavishly decorated gambling casinos; the million-watt color of Las Vegas Boulevard, known as…

By Robert Barnelle
Jan 5, 2018

Carl Palmer: "Sole Survivor"

From the album Asia on Geffen Records.

Transcribed by Frank Spicer, Jr.
Jan 5, 2018

Fran Christina's T-Bird Rhythms

The Fabulous Thunderbirds are the real thing alright. Hailing (both literally and spiritually) from Southwest Texas (Austin, to be specific), the T-Birds seem to sum up the earthy spirit of the entire Gulf Coast region, playing axle grease fried blues…

By Chip Stern
Jan 5, 2018

August 1983 - Volume 7 • Number 8

Airto Moreira, Mark Herndon, Fran Christina, Bill Maxwell, Carl Palmer, Neil Peart, Steve Smith, Yogi Horton, Eric Carr, Ellie Mannette

Modern Drummer
Aug 1, 1983