April 1982 – Volume 6 • Number 2


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Articles in April 1982

Danny Gottlieb — In Pursuit of Excellence

    "Contemporary" is defined as "being of the time." When applied to music, the term indicates that the music is made up of elements that are currently in existence. Many of the elements will be brand new; others will…

by Rick Mattingly
Aug 2, 2017

April 1982 - Volume 6 • Number 2

Max Weinberg, Narada Michael Walden, Danny Gottlieb, Prairie Prince, Hal Blaine, Gina Schock, Jack DeJohnette, Bill Bruford, Ed Shaughnessy

Modern Drummer
Apr 1, 1982

MAX WEINBERG - Good Time on "E" Street

    There's an old song that says: "Talk about a dream. If you don't have a dream, how are you going to make your dreams come true?" In a world where eighty-seven percent of the people have no dreams…

by Scott K. Fish
Aug 2, 2017

Up and Coming — Go-Go's Gina Schock

"In high school, when my friends would get money, they'd buy make-up and clothes. I'd buy records and drum heads. I was a peculiar child, I guess." Not really. Most kids in high school dream about doing something exciting with…

by Rick Mattingly
Aug 2, 2017

Quiet Giant: The Tubes' Prairie Prince

  Mention the Tubes and most likely people will conjure up an image of a TV bred generation run amok: giant back projections and video screens onstage surrounded by a nonstop array of dancers moving in and out of insanely…

by Stanley Hall
Aug 2, 2017


"I'm not sure I really deserve to be in this magazine as a musician because who am I? But I do feel that if I'm going to be in it, it is just to inspire musicians to lead better lives…

by Robyn Flans
Aug 2, 2017

Drum Soloist: Jack DeJohnette "It's You Or No One"

  Album: She Wax Too Good To Me, Chet Baker CT1 6050 SI

by Chuck Kerrigan
Aug 2, 2017

Staying In Tune

Q. I'm 26 and lost a wife and two children in a divorce. I've since remarried a wonderful girl who is supportive of my career. We have a 7-month old boy who seems to enjoy the road as much as…

by Hal Blaine
Aug 2, 2017