April 1982 – Volume 6 • Number 2


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Articles in April 1982

Drum Soloist

Drum Soloist: Jack DeJohnette "It's You Or No One"

  Album: She Wax Too Good To Me, Chet Baker CT1 6050 SI

by Chuck Kerrigan
Aug 2, 2017

Staying In Tune

Q. I'm 26 and lost a wife and two children in a divorce. I've since remarried a wonderful girl who is supportive of my career. We have a 7-month old boy who seems to enjoy the road as much as…

by Hal Blaine
Aug 2, 2017

MAX WEINBERG - Good Time on "E" Street

    There's an old song that says: "Talk about a dream. If you don't have a dream, how are you going to make your dreams come true?" In a world where eighty-seven percent of the people have no dreams…

by Scott K. Fish
Aug 2, 2017

April 1982 - Volume 6 • Number 2

Max Weinberg, Narada Michael Walden, Danny Gottlieb, Prairie Prince, Hal Blaine, Gina Schock, Jack DeJohnette, Bill Bruford, Ed Shaughnessy

Modern Drummer
Apr 1, 1982


"I'm not sure I really deserve to be in this magazine as a musician because who am I? But I do feel that if I'm going to be in it, it is just to inspire musicians to lead better lives…

by Robyn Flans
Aug 2, 2017

Up and Coming — Go-Go's Gina Schock

"In high school, when my friends would get money, they'd buy make-up and clothes. I'd buy records and drum heads. I was a peculiar child, I guess." Not really. Most kids in high school dream about doing something exciting with…

by Rick Mattingly
Aug 2, 2017

Rock 'N' Jazz Clinic - Linear Coordination: Part 1

One simple, very effective technique is linear coordination. Through this technique the most ingenious fills may be expressed. Linear coordination means harmoniously dividing a rhythm on different parts of the drumset, to be played by hands and feet in a…

by Sal Sofia
Aug 2, 2017

Quiet Giant: The Tubes' Prairie Prince

  Mention the Tubes and most likely people will conjure up an image of a TV bred generation run amok: giant back projections and video screens onstage surrounded by a nonstop array of dancers moving in and out of insanely…

by Stanley Hall
Aug 2, 2017