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Host John DeChristopher goes in-depth with the biggest names in drumming


Episode 86: Live From My Drum Room Remembering Charlie Watts - Part 2

Part 2 of John DeChristopher's series Remembering Charlie Watts. A fabulous and often hilarious discussion with Steve Smith, Kenny Aronoff, Dave Mattacks, Chad Smith, Mickey Curry, Shawn Pelton, Clem Burke and Don McAulay. Please check out "Part 1" if you…

Modern Drummer
Sep 1, 2022

The Modern Drummer Podcast Episode 16: David Frangioni & Billy Amendola with Kenny Aronoff

Modern Drummer Publisher and CEO David Frangioni along side Editor-At-Large Billy Amendola talk with world renowned Drummer Kenny Aronoff About his performance at the Modern Drummer 2020 festival featuring a tribute to Neil peart. Kenny and Neil were great friends…

Modern Drummer
Jan 14, 2021

Episode 87: 2017 Readers Poll Winners, Practicing Transcriptions, Evans UV1 Drumheads, and More

In this episode, Mike and Mike discuss some of their favorite ways to use transcriptions to develop vocabulary and to create new ideas. The hosts then discuss the various winners in the 2017 Modern Drummer Readers Poll. Up for review…

Modern Drummer
Apr 7, 2017

Episode 78: Drum Fills, Kenny Aronoff, Noble & Cooley Snares, and More

In this episode, Mike and Mike discuss their thoughts on when and why to play drum fills. The featured drummer is March 2017 Modern Drummer cover artist Kenny Aronoff. Up for review is a trio of sweet snares from legendary…

Modern Drummer
Feb 3, 2017