November 1985 – Volume 9 • Number 11


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Articles in November 1985


Ron Krasinski

Ron Krasinski is a member of that seemingly endless fraternity of talented but unheralded drummers, without whose skills most of today's popular recordings and live entertainment could not be produced. Not surprisingly, Ron has a strong and varied musical background,…

by Jim Dinella
Sep 27, 2018

Drumming And Self-Discipline

To some people, self-discipline is a term that carries unpleasant connotations. It may mean "forcing" yourself to do something you hate to do. It may also mean suppressing feelings or ideas, because they are not acceptable to someone else. To…

by Roy Burns
Sep 27, 2018
Drivers Seat

Chart Reading, Part 1

The drummer has many responsibilities when reading a chart. They become especially evident in a sight-reading situation. This article deals with some basic skills necessary for the beginning drum-chart reader. I shall touch upon some theory behind the drummer's function,…

by Gil Graham
Sep 27, 2018

Bobby Chouinard

The sonic hurricane of the Billy Squier sound and fury swirls with lacerating leads, omnipotent vocals and, in the eye of the storm, the primitive power rendered by drummer Bobby Chouinard. Favoring fire and soul over flash and technique, Chouinard's…

by Teri Saccone
Sep 27, 2018

Bernard "Pretty" Purdie

Your lover did you wrong? It ain't worth cryin' over. Put on a Bernard Purdie record. Peelin' fallin' from the ceilin'? Don't worry about it. Get into that Purdie groove. Another gray day? Go out and watch "Pretty"Purdieplaydrums. You'II feel…

by Connie Fisher
Sep 27, 2018