May 2012 Issue – Volume 37 • Number 5


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Articles in May 2012

The CRASH Course to Success Part 2: Relationships

This article focuses on the second portion of my CRASH (“commitment, relationships, attitude, skill, and hunger”) concept. We’re going to look at how relationships apply to our drumming, our onstage interactions, and our overall musical career. Here’s an interesting fact:…

by Rich Redmond
Mar 23, 2018

Brush Workshop Part 4: Rudiments

Almost every drummer practices the rudiments—with sticks. If you’re serious about learning how to use brushes, why not also practice the rudiments with them? This article deals with just that. I guarantee that with some practice, you will be able…

by Florian Alexandru-Zorn
Mar 23, 2018

The Spivack/Wilson Approach to Technique Part 4: Advanced Concepts

As you’ve seen throughout this series of articles, technique is built on learning a series of small, progressive steps that become more and more complex. First we discussed how to hold the sticks and how to make the basic wrist-turn…

by Richard Martinez and Kevin Crabb
Mar 23, 2018

Get Up! Strategies for Playing Fast and Staying Relaxed

It’s widely understood that the faster the tempo, the more relaxed your body needs to be. In some cases, however, players psych themselves out when playing fast, which in turn affects their confidence in the ability to compose beat and…

by Steve Fidyk
Mar 23, 2018

BILL COBHAM: The Power Player

Billy Cobham is widely regarded as the premier drummer of jazz-rock fusion’s golden era—and he remains a dynamic and revered player to this day. Whether it’s his astoundingly intense and dense work on Mahavishnu Orchestra tunes like “One Word,” his…

by Ken Micallef
Mar 23, 2018

Paul Motian 1931-2011

  On a dark night at the Village Vanguard, the audience snakes slowly down the long staircase and settles in at tiny tables, squeezed together nice and tight. In such close quarters, strangers exchange greetings, knees bumping. Soon the house…

by Michael Parillo
Mar 23, 2018

Vinny Appice Leaving His Mark

Even appearing on national television with an ex-Beatle—as a teenager, no less—couldn’t have prepared him for the rock ’n’ roll glory that lay just around the corner. Thirty-five years later, the quintessential journeyman is embarking on a new adventure. Practice,…

Story by “Pistol” Pete Kaufmann | Photos by Alex Solca
Mar 23, 2018

Earth, Wind & Fire's Ralph Johnson

  In the ’70s, chart-dominating hits like “Shining Star,” “Let’s Groove,” and “September” made Earth, Wind & Fire a household name. Forty years later, the band’s appeal to audiences of every kind only seems to grow. Here, EWF’s longtime drummer/percussionist/vocalist…

Story by Drew Schultz | Photos by Alex Solca
Mar 23, 2018