March 1984 – Volume 8 • Number 3


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Articles in March 1984

Loverboy's Matt Frenette

Things happen fast in the world of rock 'n' roll. The first time Matt Frenette was interviewed for MD, people were raving about Loverboy on the West Coast, but the group's popularity did not yet extend to the East Coast.…

by Scott K. Fish
May 30, 2018

Ronald Shannon Jackson's Rhythms Of Life

Ronald Shannon Jackson is one of the most distinctive drum stylists of the past 20 years—a shaman of modern rhythm. Had his stampeding electric ensemble, the Decoding Society, existed in 1972, they might have been as popular as the Mahavishnu…

by Chip Stern
May 30, 2018

Joey Kramer — Finding A Place In The '80s

Talk about the best American hard rock bands of the '70s and Aerosmith has to be mentioned in the first breath. Driven by a sound that was as intense as it was relentless, Aerosmith initially caught the attention of the…

by Robert Santelli
May 30, 2018

John Stacey — Nashville Time

I first met John Stacey in Chicago. He was there for a Ludwig advertisement photo session, and I was there on assignment from MD to interview several drummers. But John's name was not on my list. When I arrived at…

by Scott K. Fish
May 30, 2018

Mark Sanders

At only 28, Mark Sanders is a veteran. He started playing at a young age, and went right to work. Amid the usual career ups and downs, Mark has toured with major acts and free-lanced in the L.A. megalopolis, recorded…

by Rick Van Horn
May 30, 2018

Drummers And Auditions

I recently had the pleasure of spending an afternoon talking with Allen Carter. Allen is a top professional drummer whose credits include the Les Brown Orchestra, The Captain & Tenille and The Kansas City Philharmonic. Currently he plays professionally in…

by Roy Burns
May 30, 2018

An Approach For Playing In Odd Time – Part 3

In the previous two articles, we've concentrated on executing written exercises which have been designed to facilitate the playing of odd time. Another effective approach to learning is through listening and transcription. The following songs have one thing in common:…

by Rod Morganstein
May 30, 2018