February 1986 - Volume 10 • Number 2 - Modern Drummer Magazine

February 1986 – Volume 10 • Number 2

Roy Hanes, A.J. Pero, Jimmie Fadden, Willie Wilcox, Dan Donnelly, David Calarco, Dave Huff, Neil peart, Danny Gottlieb, Bobby Rondinelli, Boo Boo McAfee, Curly Whitaker

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Articles in February 1986

Rock 'n' Jazz Clinic

The Shuffle

One might be hard pressed to find anything more musically exciting than a good drummer setting fire to a band by laying down a strong, straight-ahead shuffle beat. The shuffle is a very dynamic rhythmic feel. It has been used…

by Randy Martin
Oct 11, 2018
Up & Coming

Dave Huff: White Heart And Beyond

Dave Huff had to feel proud during the 1984 Grammy Awards show. He was the drummer in a Christian rock group called White Heart that was nominated for an award.

by Larry Rhodes
Oct 11, 2018
Up & Coming

New Edition’s Danny Donnelly (A. K. A. Zoro)

Edition is one of the hottest acts in show business today, taking the R&B market by storm and making some crossover inroads onto the pop charts.

by Rick Van Horn
Oct 11, 2018

David Calarco — The Upstate Burn

David Calarco is probably one of the hottest young acoustic jazz drummers around today.

by Rick Van Horn
Oct 11, 2018

Jimmie Fadden — dirt ’n’ drums

I never had any formal training. I came into music probably like a lot of people do. The band got together and said,

by Robyn Flans
Oct 11, 2018