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Tower of Power's David Garibaldi: The Beat Builder

Building upon the James Brown legacy, he expanded the vocabulary of beat-displacement groove patterns and applied them in a “linear” concept.

by Jeff Potter
Nov 25, 2019

Ringo Starr: The Perfect Fit

When he joined the Beatles, he was the man, the one with all the playing experience. He fit like a glove, driving the music with a singular feel while meshing perfectly with the other Mop Tops and their wry sense…

Modern Drummer
Apr 19, 2018

BILL COBHAM: The Power Player

Billy Cobham is widely regarded as the premier drummer of jazz-rock fusion’s golden era—and he remains a dynamic and revered player to this day. TO READ THE FULL STORY: LOG IN Digital Access $4.99 /month or $49.99 /year SAVE 15%…

by Ken Micallef
Mar 23, 2018

Dennis Chambers: Multidimensional Rhythmic Warrior

By merging elements of funk, fusion, R&B, and jazz into a daunting style that rides magically on a carpet of stunning power and technical exhilaration, Dennis Chambers has become one of the most important and influential drummers of the post-fusion…

by Ken Micallef
Mar 6, 2018

Danny Seraphine: Integral

At a time when jazz and rock drumming camps were largely polar, Danny Seraphine integrated his skills in both genres into a fresh, vibrant sound that launched megahits. TO READ THE FULL STORY: LOG IN Digital Access $4.99 /month or…

by Jeff Potter
Jan 30, 2018