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Odd-Beat Subdivisions

Almost all styles of music now deviate from normal duple- and triple-beat subdivisions, and use divisions of five, seven, or more.

by Michael Snyder
Apr 4, 2019

Polyrhythmic Rudiment Applications

Using Standard Stickings to Tackle Odd Groupings

by Aaron Edgar
Oct 30, 2018

ToneAlly - Percussion Teaching Tool

Sharpen your stick heights and angles with this unique tactile practice device.

by Nick Amoroso
Sep 28, 2018

Drumset Ergonomics - Part 5: Positioning the Hi-Hat, Ride, and Rack Toms

Welcome back! The final two articles in this series will focus on the placement of primary and secondary suspended instruments, with an emphasis on preserving shoulder health. Primary suspended instruments are the ones we play most often (hi-hat, ride, and…

by Brandon Green
Sep 28, 2018

Five-Note Bop Groupings

Developing Independence with Odd Phrases

by Joe Bergamini
May 30, 2018