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The 4 Practice Pockets: #3. Push the EDGES: The Blue Ocean (Great Unknown) of Practice.

Venture into the blue ocean (great unknown,) by doing something you don’t know how to do… YET! I’ve never met a drummer that didn’t want to learn in the “Matrix style.” In the hero’s journey movie The Matrix, Neo plugs…

By Chris Lesso
Mar 31, 2023

Six-Way Independence

In my “Six-Way Independence” master class on Drum Channel, I wanted to give my students the opportunity to learn the way I learned, and how I came up with my concepts. I started thinking about all of the combinations I…

By Marco Minnemann, Presented by Drum Channel
Jun 18, 2021

Polyrhythmic Rudiment Applications

Last month we explored different sticking patterns within quintuplets and septuplets to make learning subdivisions easier and clearer, and we concluded with paradiddles that yielded polyrhythmic phrases within our quintuplet and septuplet groupings. In this lesson we’ll expand upon those…

by Aaron Edgar
Oct 30, 2018

Roy Haynes’ Phrasing

Over time, transcribing can become a hobby for serious jazz musicians. Jazz students in conservatories often hang together and share their latest transcribed licks. And part of the fun of writing out others’ parts is listening for hours and scouring…

by Mike Alfieri
Oct 30, 2018

Hiding in Plain Sight - Musically Applying Odd Rhythms

Unless you’re playing in a technical prog-metal band, you may find it difficult to apply odd rhythmic ideas to songs without getting deathly glares from your bandmates. Although I wouldn’t suggest that you start cramming polyrhythms and septuplets into pop…

by Aaron Edgar
Jul 31, 2018