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Zack B.’s Drum Cover of “The Hard Man Theme??? from Mega Man 3

MD Online was recently hipped to drummer Zack B.’s fantastic drum cover of “The Hard Man Theme” from the ’90s Nintendo video game Mega Man 3. We asked Zack why he chose this particular track to cover, and he took…

Modern Drummer
May 14, 2013

Jason Gianni with Neal Morse at the Cornerstone Festival

  Check out this clip of Jason Gianni with Neal Morse at the 2012 Cornerstone Christian music festival in Bushnell, Illinois, playing “The Door” from the prog-rock great’s Sola Scriptura album. Jason is currently subbing for Mike Portnoy on Morse’s…

Modern Drummer
Jul 27, 2012

Jamaican Crossover Hits

Jamaican rhythms have found a home on the rock and pop charts for decades. The ’70s and ’80s were especially good to ska, rocksteady, reggae, and associated rhythms, with American superstars such as Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder turning them…

Modern Drummer
Jun 26, 2012

Matt Halpern SXSW Master Class

  Watch this thirteen-minute clip of Periphery’s Matt Halpern in clinic. The session was filmed at this year’s SXSW convention in Austin, Texas, during Indie Ambassador’s  party at the Soho Lounge. This was Matt’s demonstration of polyrhythmic concepts, in answer…

Modern Drummer
Apr 4, 2012

Sarah Jones on Bat For Lashes’ “Glass??? at Glastonbury 2009

  Check out the clip below of Sarah Jones and Bat For Lashes performing the song “Glass” live at Glastonbury 2009. We can never get enough of this track, or the super-cool pattern Sarah plays on it. And if you…

Modern Drummer
Mar 26, 2012

Own It! Part 1: Exploring Subdivisions March 2012 Rock ’n’ Jazz Clinic - Own It! Part 1: Exploring Subdivision by Mike Johnston Being a full-time drum instructor, it’s my job to make sure my students explore the material that we’re working on in a given…

Modern Drummer
Jan 18, 2012

Zach Danziger tracking “Frank’s Drebin??? for the upcoming album by Mister Barrington

Take a quick peak at Zach Danziger tracking “Frank’s Drebin” for the upcoming album by Mister Barrington. Click here to watch the video for “Rawzz,” from the upcoming second Mister Barrington album featuring Zach Danziger.  

Modern Drummer
Jan 4, 2012

In The Pocket: Advanced Shuffle

February 2012 In The Pocket Advanced Shuffle by Jim Payne Here are the demo videos that accompany some of the exercises from my article on advanced shuffles.        

Modern Drummer
Dec 29, 2011

Ostinato Studies, Part 3: Metric Modulation

January 2012 Drum Soloist Ostinato Studies Part 3: Metric Modulation by Jason Gianni Here is the video that we are using as the basis for the concepts we’re exploring in our Ostinato Studies article series. Check out the final installment…

Modern Drummer
Nov 21, 2011

Billy Ward on New Chris Shinn Project

Billy Ward, renowned drummer, educator, and long-time Modern Drummercontributor, has been working with a stellar group of musicians in Nashville on the new project featuring Chris Shinn, singer of the band Unified Theory. Check out the videos for the upcoming…

Modern Drummer
Nov 3, 2011

Jim Riley's Drum Dojo

Take a Tour of Rascal Flatts drummer Jim Riley's Nashville Teaching Studio in this video.  

Modern Drummer
Nov 2, 2011

Terri Lyne Carrington Performs “Mosaic Triad??? at the Tokyo Jazz Festival

Watch Terri Lyne Carrington and her band, featuring Esperanza Spalding, Ingrid Jensen, Helen Sung, and Tineke Postma, perform “Mosaic Triad” at the Tokyo Jazz Festival. Terri will be among the twelve world-renowned drummers on Modern Drummer’s prestigious Pro Panel for…

Modern Drummer
Oct 26, 2011

Navene Koperweis and Animals as Leaders launch second in-the-studio video exclusively on (UPDATED).

The January 2012 issue of Modern Drummer magazine will feature an interview with Navene Koperweis, drummer of the progressive instrumental band Animals as Leaders. AAL is gearing up for the release of their Koperweis-produced second album, Weightless, which hits shelves…

Modern Drummer
Oct 20, 2011

The Invisible Drums of Demian Kappenstein and Marc Bangert

Drummer Demian Kappenstein and scientist Marc Bangert, Ph.D., from Dresden, Germany, have developed an invisible drumset, fulfilling, they say, all the needs of a professional drummer. The set even features invisible foot switches that one can use to apply effects…

Modern Drummer
Oct 13, 2011