Modern Drummer
2015 Readers Poll Ballot


Vote in the Modern Drummer Readers Poll 2015

The voting time period has expired. Please keep an eye out a future of issue of Modern Drummer magazine.





43 thoughts on “Modern Drummer
2015 Readers Poll Ballot

  1. Danny Seraphine is most deserving of all votes for the hall of fame. Speed, technique and style are extraordinary. I call upon all who read this to do the same. Thank you.

  2. Phil Dubois-Coyne deserves an award. Dude is Boston’s best-kept secret; absolutely flawless blend of speed, power, groove, creativity, and feel.

  3. Tal Bergman… He’s great and I think he has an amazing time with JOE Bonamassa! He’s also hilarious to watch! Love him….almost as much as Joe!

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