November 1982 – Volume 6 • Number 8


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Articles in November 1982

Rock Charts - "Touch and Go"

Rock Charts continues with The Cars, the popular new wave quintet from Boston. "Touch And Go," from the Panorama album is an exercise in meter change. The basic feel of the verse (letters A, C, E) is an interesting two-measure…

Transcribed by James Morton
Oct 13, 2017

Vinnie Colaiuta

A producer once told Vinnie Colaiuta that if you threw Tony Williams and Steve Gadd into a blender, Vinnie would be the tasteful concoction.

by Robyn Flans | Photos by Lissa Wales
Oct 13, 2017

Barry Altschul

The Artistic Integrity of Barry Altschul Born in the Bronx in 1943, Barry first became involved with drums at the age of eleven. After the usual amount of practice, jamming, freelance gigs and lessons (with Charli Persip), Barry happened to…

by Rick Mattingly
Oct 13, 2017

November 1982 - Volume 6 • Number 8

Vinnie Colaiuta, Barry Altschul, Liberty DeVitto, William F. Ludwig Jr., Peter Erskine, Max Weinberg, Steve Jordan, Arthur Press, John Panozzo, Terry Bozzio, Robert Williams, Jim Keltner

Modern Drummer
Nov 1, 1982

Liberty DeVitto

On The Road With Billy Joel   Liberty DeVitto's personality reflects a man who is seemingly unaffected by his tremendous success. Working his way from playing weddings on Long Island up to touring all over the world as Billy Joel's…

by Cheech Iero
Oct 13, 2017

Concepts - "Can You Play Like John Smith?"

Recently, a friend of mine was asked to do a commercial recording session. During the session, it became obvious that things were not going well.

by Roy Burns
Oct 13, 2017

Complete Percussionist - Introduction To Tabla

Oddly enough, it was "Black Mountain Side," an acoustic guitar piece from Led Zepellin's first album, which turned me on to the exquisite sound of the tabla. "Tabla drum?" I asked myself. "What in the world is a tabla drum?"…

by Brian Knave
Oct 13, 2017

Industry Insights: A Candid Conversation With William F. Ludwig, Jr.

The history of the Ludwig Drum Company actually began in 1885, when a six-year-old German immigrant named William F. Ludwig arrived in Chicago with his father, mother, brother Theobald, and sister Elizabeth. Young Willy's father was a professional trombonist who…

by Dave Levine
Oct 13, 2017

Bob DiSalle: A View From Toronto

I've always had a soft spot for Canada. In fact, my office looks like the Canadian Embassy with pictures of the Rue de la Montagne in Montreal, aerial views of Vancouver, and the Canadian Rockies plastered all over the walls.…

by Scott K. Fish
Oct 13, 2017

Up And Coming - Owen Hale

Roger Hawkins mentioned Owen Hale as a new studio drummer in Muscle Shoals who deserved some attention.

by Scott K. Fish
Oct 13, 2017

The History Of Rock Drumming Part V

  The Final Chapter   The '70s were a drummers smorgasbord. You could have as many drummers as you wanted and as much of a variety as you wanted. It seemed like rock and roll branched off into hard rock,…

by Scott K. Fish
Oct 13, 2017