February 1985 – Volume 9 • Number 2


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Articles in February 1985


February 1985 - Volume 9 • Number 2

Mel Lewis, Mark Brzezicki, Nigel Olsson, George Marsh, Steve Gadd, Mick Avory, Aynsley Dunbar, Jim Keltner, Joe Franco, Danny Seraphine, Steve Smith

Modern Drummer
Feb 1, 1985

Bill Lombardo

Bill Lombardo has had an interesting career already, and he hasn't hit 35 yet. Beginning in the early '60s as a rock drummer, Bill participated in the San Francisco psychedelic scene. He went on to play funk, country, and top-40…

by Rick Van Horn
Aug 17, 2018

Nigel Olsson — The Heart of Nigel Olson

Nigel Olsson speaks from the heart. In fact, there seems to be nothing he does that doesn't revolve around his heart. As he plays and sings on stage with Elton John, he uses his entire body to complement the artist's…

by Robyn Flans
Aug 17, 2018

Mick Avory — Knowing The Job

The Kinks Konk Recording Studio sits on the edge of London in an area hardly recognizable to a city visitor. Located a good 40 minutes from Picadilly Circus by public transportation (i.e., underground and bus), the studio is on an…

Modern Drummer
Aug 17, 2018
Rock 'n' Jazz Clinic

The Benefits Of Left-Hand Ride

What do Billy Cobham, Simon Phillips, Kenny Aronoff, Daniel Humair, and Lenny White have in common? They all play ride patterns with their left hand. Left-hand ride refers to the technique drummers use who play drumset in a normal, right-hand…

by William F. Miller
Aug 17, 2018