December 1986 – Volume 10 • Number 12


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Articles in December 1986

Show Drummers' Seminar

Nick Vincent: The Donnie And Marie Show

There's nothing like the thrill of playing for a live audience, because you can't do it over.

by Jim Dinella
Jan 25, 2019


According to the dictionary, "perseverance" means "the holding to a course of action, belief, or purpose without giving way; continuing strength or patience in dealing with something arduous. It particularly implies withstanding difficulty or resistance." When successful people in all…

by Roy Burns
Jan 25, 2019

Judas Priest's Dave Holland the scars of success

One British band that has best sustained the true spirit and tradition of the heavy rock sound, while also expanding the scope of that sound, is Judas Priest.

by Teri Saccone
Jan 25, 2019

December 1986 - Volume 10 • Number 12

Simon Phillips, Dave Holland, Remo Belli, Joe Franco, Cozy Powell, James Stroud, Graham Lear, Frank Parker, Nick Vincent, Doug Zagorski, Richie Morales, Neil Peart

Modern Drummer
Dec 1, 1986

James Stroud

While playing for many of Nashville's major acts and producing some of them as well, James grew to understand and appreciate the importance of the song.

by Robyn Flans
Jan 25, 2019

The Neville Brothers' Willie Green

Willie Green is of the hottest young drummers to come out of New Orleans in some time, he is just now beginning to get noticed for what he does behind a drumset.

by Robert Santelli
Jan 25, 2019
Rock Perspectives

16th-Note Triplets On Double Bass

In one bar of 4/4, a 16th-note triplet takes up one-half of a beat, which is the same amount of space as one 8th note or two 16th notes.

by Joey Franco
Jan 25, 2019