August September 1982 – Volume 6 • Number 6


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Articles in August September 1982

transcribed by Skip Shaffer
Oct 4, 2017

Charlie Watts

Editor's note: The following articles on Charlie Watts are the result of over two year's worth of effort on the part of MD. There were numerous phone calls to record companies and management offices, where the answer was always the…

by Robyn Flans
Oct 4, 2017

Jazz Drummer's Workshop - Exploring Self-Awareness

Most drummers I have talked to have some form of body tension they would like to be rid of.

by George Marsh
Oct 4, 2017

The History Of Rock Drumming Part III - The Sixties

  In The History of Rock Drumming: Parts I and II, I skimmed the surface on most of the drummers in blues and country music of the '50s who shaped rock and roll. Many of the names of those players…

By Scott K. Fish, Music by James Morton
Oct 4, 2017

David Dix: The Outlaws

The Outlaws first album was released in 1974. David Dix joined them on record in 1977, on the Hurry Sundown album, but he'd been a member many years earlier when The Outlaws was a high-school band. The band has gone…

by Scott K. Fish
Oct 4, 2017

Ed Mann - Expanding Percussion

What exactly is a "percussionist" anyway? It sounds rather imposing. To a lot of people, a percussionist is someone who plays in a symphony orchestra. To others, the term suggests someone who plays a variety of Latin instruments. Still others…

by Rick Mattingly
Oct 4, 2017

A Conversation With Charlie Watts

SF: How much did the Chess blues records influence you when you were growing up? CW: I never heard them until I met Keith and Mick. My whole block used to listen to Savoy jazz records as kids. I never…

by Scott K. Fish & Max Weinberg
Oct 4, 2017

Complete Percussionist - Voicing For Mallets

There is a general lack of material written about chordal playing on mallet instruments.

by David Samuels
Oct 4, 2017

August September 1982 - Volume 6 • Number 6

Charlie Watts, Ed Mann, David Dix, George Marsh, Louie Bellson, Paulinho DaCosta, Gina Schock, Tony Williams, Sandy Slavin

Modern Drummer
Aug 1, 1982