July 1985 - Volume 9 • Number 7 - Modern Drummer Magazine

July 1985 – Volume 9 • Number 7

Rod Morgenstein, Kenny Malone, Tommy Campbell, Adam Woods, Phil Collins, Johnny Blowers, Ed Shaughnessy, Vinnie Colaiuta, Kelly Keagy

Articles in July 1985

Rock 'n' Jazz Clinic

The Quarter-Note Funk Hi-Hat Style

The quarter-note hi-hat style has a distinctive sound and feel that makes it well worth the extra effort required to perfect it. I first heard this style played by Clyde Stubblefield on James Brown's recording of "Mother Popcorn," and many…

by Jim Payne
Sep 11, 2018

Johnny Blowers

His students know he's experienced, but it's doubtful that many realize just how experienced drummer Johnny Blowers is. In a career that spans six decades, Blowers has recorded with jazz greats such as Sidney Bechet, Bobby Hackett, Eddie Condon, Red…

by Chip Deffaa
Sep 11, 2018

Drumming And Recording

A red light means "go," but only in the music business. In every recording studio, the red light means "musicians at work." The red light means it is time to be serious. The red light means this is a "take.''…

by Roy Burns
Sep 11, 2018

Adam Woods — breaking the rules

In England, it's not easy to join a top-40 band and make a good living at playing music. It's also not easy to become a virtuoso on your instrument and then spend five nights a week for years headlining the…

by Robin Tolleson
Sep 11, 2018

Kenny Malone’s Quest For Knowledge

The one thing that Kenny Malone wanted to communicate most during our interview was a sense of joy. He told me so, although he didn't have to. His whole make-up—who he is as a person and how he approaches music—is…

by Robyn Flans
Sep 11, 2018