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Shakira’s Brendan Buckley

It’s tough to keep up with Brendan Buckley. One glance at his social media and you’re presented with a wide variety of what interests the L.A.-based drummer TO READ THE FULL STORY: LOG IN Digital Access $4.99 /month or $49.99…

Story by Ilya Stemkovsky | Photos by Alex Solca
Jan 30, 2019

Dave Elitch’s Getting Out of Your Own Way: A Multitude of Subtleties

Dave Elitch is not happy with all the false prophets out there. And with his new, super in-depth instructional course, he’s on a mission to tell all who will listen how to really take their drumming to the next level.…

by Ilya Stemkovsky
Dec 27, 2018

Steven Wolf

The modern-day hit-making machine has all the chops you’d want, grooves like a feel-good metronome, and programs drum parts that make you think, Are those real drums…or is it programmed? Most of the time, it’s both. TO READ THE FULL…

Feb 23, 2017