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Dubstep Drumming Part 2: Essential Tracks

In the last article we examined the various components used in dubstep, including the 2-step groove, the wobble bass, and the rewind. Now let’s take a look at some influential and real-world dubstep patterns and tunes. The following transcriptions are…

by Donny Gruendler
Feb 14, 2018

Dubstep Drumming Part 1: The Basics

Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music known for its head-nodding beats, dark atmosphere, and ear-shaking bass. It draws on many other genres, including Jamaican dub, hip-hop, jungle, drum ’n’ bass, and 2-step, while fusing them into a unique…

by Donny Gruendler
Feb 9, 2018

Beyond "Funky Drummer"

Great Drum Breaks of the ’60s and Early ’70s Much has been written about Clyde Stubblefield’s legendary drum break on James Brown’s 1969 song “Funky Drummer.” Those few bars laid the groundwork for dozens of hip-hop tracks, and Stubblefield’s playing…

By Dustin Ransom
Feb 1, 2018


Exercises for Improving Time

by Wayne Salzmann II
Jun 28, 2017

In The Pocket: Funk Drumming Training Camp

In part one of this series (May 2013 MD), we talked about the importance of developing a tight, solid, feel-good groove. Things you can work on to tighten up your playing include gaining an intimate knowledge of the feel of…

Modern Drummer
Feb 23, 2017