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Roland - TM-6 Pro Trigger Module and RT-30 Triggers

To be an in-demand professional drummer these days requires not only an incredible groove, a diverse musical vocabulary, and a great-sounding drumset, but you also have to have at least a working knowledge of electronics, especially when it comes to…

by Michael Dawson
Sep 28, 2018

Split Hybrid

This hybrid electronic/acoustic drumset comes to us from the New York City–based drummer Howard Alper, who explains that the ability to combine traditional acoustic drums with loops and samples enables unique solo performances on a relatively small setup. “Recently I’ve…

Modern Drummer
Apr 26, 2017

Hybrid Setups: Pros? Cons?

In recent years, electronic/acoustic hybrid setups have seen a relatively rapid rise in popularity. And it's easy to see why, considering the dominance of produced sounds and tones in modern popular music and the need to reproduce those sounds live.…

Readers' Responses
Apr 26, 2017

Sunhouse - Sensory Percussion Electronic System

The goal for Sunhouse’s super-advanced Sensory Percussion system is to, as much as possible, remove machinery from the experience of performing with electronics. With no buttons to push, pads to strike, or knobs to twist, Sensory Percussion is designed to…

Michael Dawson
Mar 29, 2017

Hybrid Drumming Basics - 3 Contemporary Scenarios That Meld Electronics and Acoustics

Many of today’s most successful pop and hip-hop artists are using the sampled production textures heard on the recordings alongside a live drummer whose responsibility is to augment and add excitement to the stage show. TO READ THE FULL STORY:…

Donny Gruendler
Feb 23, 2017