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Accented Three-Note Groupings

The following one-bar patterns demonstrate combinations of accented three-note groupings using 16th-note and 16th-note-triplet subdivisions. Throughout this lesson, we’ll vary the accent placements and rhythmic combinations to create unique exercises and phrases. TO READ THE FULL STORY: LOG IN Digital…

by Rick Gratton
Nov 30, 2017

Following Groupings and Fill-Ins with Bill Bachman

Strictly Technique Following Groupings and Fill-Ins Exercises for Increased Single-Stroke Control by Bill Bachman This month we’re going to work on playing flowing groupings of notes with one hand while gradually filling in the spaces between the notes with the…

Feb 23, 2017

Odd Subdivision Offbeats - Ten- and Fourteen-Note Groupings

When examining 32nd notes, we see that they’re twice as fast as 16th notes. Similarly, we can take this idea of doubling subdivisions and apply it to any grouping. In this lesson we’re going to explore ten- and fourteen-note subdivisions,…

Aaron Edgar
Feb 23, 2017