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ToneAlly - Percussion Teaching Tool

Sharpen your stick heights and angles with this unique tactile practice device.

by Nick Amoroso
Sep 28, 2018

Back To Back Rolls

Here are some exercises in back-to-back rolls. These rolls are a series of the same stroked roll (five-stroke, six-stroke, etc.) played in a continuous fashion, so as not to break the flow of constant 16th notes or an 8th-note triplet…

by Stanley Ellis
Aug 6, 2018

What You Need to Know About Bass Drum Heads

In this article and subsequent ones in a series, we’re going to survey the various types of plastic-based drumheads available for each component of the kit to help you zero in on which models will get you closest to the…

by Michael Dawson
Apr 25, 2018

On The Cover - Dom Famularo

In the hundred or so years since our instrument was invented, the art of playing it has evolved significantly. And so has the way we teach it. Few people understand drumming history more fully than this month’s cover artist—and no…

Michael Dawson
Feb 23, 2017

The Reeducation of Drumming Education by Ben Sesar

I’ve made it my mission to carve a straighter path to greatness, not only for myself but also for those willing to learn. In doing so, however, I’ve had to question the current standards regarding the way we educate ourselves…

Ben Sesar
Feb 23, 2017