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Doug "Cosmo" Clifford

Creedence Clearwater Revival achieved an unprecedented level of success in a short span of time with hits like “Travelin’ Band,” “Proud Mary,” and “Who’ll Stop the Rain,” helping to establish a down-home sound that has informed several generations worth of…

Story by Jeff Potter | Photos by Alex Solca
Apr 26, 2018

North - Directional Drums Strive For Unconventional Sound

The shape of the instruments is the first noticeable departure from conventional drums. Below the head* of each tom-tom, for instance, the drum continues downward in a cylinder then curves ninety degrees to end in a wild looking open flared…

Modern Drummer
Feb 23, 2017

June 1997 - Volume 21 • Number 6

Chad Gracey, Lenny White, Adrian Young, Steve Gadd, Ahmir-Khalib Thompson, Leroy Clouden, Billy Martin, Joey Waronker, Buddy Williams, Oliver Charles, Jonathan Mover, Doug “Cosmo” Clifford TO READ THE FULL STORY: LOG IN Digital Access $4.99 /month or $49.99 /year SAVE…

Modern Drummer
Jun 1, 1997