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What Was Your First Favorite Drum Record?

Vivid by Living Colour. Will Calhoun plays masterfully and with tons of power. It was perfect: playable but loaded with nuance.Scott Sparks Manu Katché on Peter Gabriel’s Secret World Live. I was around five, and it just blew my mind.…

Modern Drummer
Aug 1, 2020

George "Spanky" McCurdy

His infamous “off time” approach has been the source of many a drummer’s woodshed frustrations. An eye-opening DVD now offers insight. But, as with so many players who live on the front lines of innovation, true understanding becomes clear only…

Modern Drummer
Feb 23, 2017

On The Cover - Chris Dave

The iconoclastic rhythm auteur is readying his hotly anticipated new album. MD contributor Ken Micallef got an early listen, and, transfixed by its contents, presses its creator for explanations and looks for clues to his self-expression. TO READ THE FULL…

Ken Micallef
Feb 23, 2017

An Editor's Overview - Adapting to Change

While I worked on a piece in this month’s News section about the latest Radian record, On Dark Silent Off, MD editorial director Adam Budofsky dropped one of the band’s earlier CDs, 2004’s Juxtaposition, on my desk. Checking it out…

Willie Rose
Feb 23, 2017