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A Salute to Van Halen’s 1984

Van Halen’s 1984 recording set the music world on it’s ear. The group’s songwriting had evolved to Top 10 single status. Guitar genius Eddie Van Halen’s rhythm guitar playing had become funkier, and his solos continued to redefinine the instrument.…

Excerpted from Alex Van Halen Legends
Feb 28, 2022

Van Halen’s Alex Van Halen

For over forty-five years, Alex Van Halen’s brilliant, forceful, grooving, and melodic drumming has been the driving force behind one of the truly great rock bands that ever existed. His bash has graced so many classic Van Halen radio staples,…

Modern Drummer
Feb 26, 2021

Avenues to Excellence

15 MD Cover Artists Reveal the Big Ideas That Put Them on the Road to Success The abundance of educational material online, as well as great teachers to mold your passion and enthusiasm into technique and musicality, are massively beneficial…

Modern Drummer
Aug 28, 2020

Alex Van Halen: Of Sound And Vision

You know who it is the second you hear the crack of that snare drum. Like a musical fingerprint, Alex Van Halen’s sound and style are singularly his own. TO READ THE FULL STORY: LOG IN Digital Access $4.99 /month…

Modern Drummer
Mar 29, 2018

Alex Van Halen

"To me, 'rock 'n' roll' is just a term that describes something because there is no better word to use. 'Rock 'n' roll' in the '50s meant something completely different from what it means today. TO READ THE FULL STORY:…

by Robyn Flans
Jan 15, 2018

Dave Matthews Band's Carter Beauford

“I tried to assemble a kit that would fit with what we were doing musically,” says Carter Beauford. “Everyone in the Dave Matthews Band comes from a different musical background, and we were all those different backgrounds through the music.…

Modern Drummer
Feb 23, 2017

Great ’80s Drum Performances, Part 1

The era known as the ’80s, roughly the period between the dawn of punk and rap in the late ’70s and the rise of indie rock and hair metal in the middle of the next decade, was a time of…

Modern Drummer
Feb 23, 2017

March 2008 - Volume 32 • Number 3

Alex Van Halen, Alex González, John Humphrey, Marcus Gilmore, Brooks Wackerman, James “The Rev” Sullivan, Roger Taylor, Torry Castellano, Jim Bogios, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Carlos Vega, Steve Smith, James Gadson, Gavin Harrison, Carlos “Patato” Valdez TO READ THE FULL…

Modern Drummer
Mar 1, 2008

July 1993 - Volume 17 • Number 7

In this Issue: Alex Van Halen, Gregg Field TO READ THE FULL STORY: LOG IN Digital Access $4.99 /month or $49.99 /year SAVE 15% Digital Monthly Magazine 47 Years of Archives (500+ Issues) 40+ Drum Channel Subscribe Now All Access…

Modern Drummer
Jul 1, 1993

September 1984 - Volume 8 • Number 9

Art Blakey, Carmine Appice, Arthur Press, Jonathan Moffett, Joey Franco, Alex Van Halen, Steve Smith, Simon Phillips, Eric Carr, Neil Peart TO READ THE FULL STORY: LOG IN Digital Access $4.99 /month or $49.99 /year SAVE 15% Digital Monthly Magazine…

Modern Drummer
Sep 1, 1984

October 1983 - Volume 7 • Number 10

Alex Van Halen, Phillip Wilson, Frank Beard, Stomu Yamash’ta, Ronnie Verrell, Ivan Conti, Steve Negus, Aron Kaminski, Alex Riel, James Black, Vinnie Colaiuta, Bill Bruford, Paul Jamieson, Yogi Norton TO READ THE FULL STORY: LOG IN Digital Access $4.99 /month…

Modern Drummer
Oct 1, 1983