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Gary Chaffee

One would think that a drummer of high enough caliber to play with Pat Metheny, Dave Samuels, Steve Swallow, Jaco Pastorius, Abe Laboriel, and Gary Burton would be in the middle of an exciting playing career.

by Tim Smith
Nov 1, 2018

Jimmy Nicol

What thoughts could you generate if you were asked to step in and play for the most famous pop/rock group of all time?

by Austin Teutsch
Oct 26, 2018

Andy White

The group that was soon to revolutionize the music world was yet to make its first recording. This event occurred on September 11 of that same year.

by Susan Hannum
Oct 26, 2018

Jules Moss: Prepared For The Unusual

It’s hard to describe just what Jules Moss is playing with the Graham Moses band. If you had to give it just one name, you ’d probably say “jazz,” because that’s the term usually applied to unique or unusual music…

by Rick Van Horn
Oct 5, 2018

Kevan McKenzie: Canadian Studio Star

Toward the end of my college years, in 1974, I joined a symphonic band. Between engagements, a master class was scheduled with Ian Bernard, during which he demonstrated the finesse that got him the job with the National Arts Centre…

T. Bruce Wittet
Oct 3, 2018

Ron Krasinski

Ron Krasinski is a member of that seemingly endless fraternity of talented but unheralded drummers, without whose skills most of today’s popular recordings and live entertainment could not be produced. Not surprisingly, Ron has a strong and varied musical background,…

by Jim Dinella
Sep 27, 2018

Chuck Riggs

Eddie Cantor used to say, “Sometimes it takes ten years to become a star overnight.” Chuck Riggs, 34, knows the feeling. He had been working with tenor sax player Scott Hamilton for a full ten years before the release of…

by Chip Deffaa
Sep 14, 2018

Johnny Blowers

His students know he’s experienced, but it’s doubtful that many realize just how experienced drummer Johnny Blowers is. In a career that spans six decades, Blowers has recorded with jazz greats such as Sidney Bechet, Bobby Hackett, Eddie Condon, Red…

by Chip Deffaa
Sep 11, 2018

Wilby Fletcher

While Wilby Fletcher is gaining a solid reputation for his steady work with such jazz notables as McCoy Tyner, Ron Carter, James Moody and Ahmad Jamal, he is not locked into that single idiom. The 30-year-old drummer is equally proud…

by Bill Milkowski
Sep 6, 2018

The World Of Henry Adler

JD: How did you start playing drums? HA: Both my brother and sister played instruments. I was the youngest, I loved music, and I had a feeling for drums. I grew up during the Depression, so it was very tough…

by Jim Dinella
Aug 22, 2018

Bill Lombardo

Bill Lombardo has had an interesting career already, and he hasn’t hit 35 yet. Beginning in the early ’60s as a rock drummer, Bill participated in the San Francisco psychedelic scene. He went on to play funk, country, and top-40…

by Rick Van Horn
Aug 17, 2018

Allen Herman

Eight times a week from 1978 to 1981, an extraordinary feat of drumming took place at a Broadway theater. A Broadway show drummer sat behind an elevated drumset up on stage and re-created the artistry, excitement, and magic of Gene…

by Don Perman
Aug 8, 2018

Jim Capaldi

Jimmy Miller, producer of Traffic’s second album, in 1968, quipped in the liner notes that Jim Capaldi’s time is so perfect that even the drops of sweat falling from his brow keep the beat. A flawless time-keeper he is, but…

by Gene Kalbacher
Aug 7, 2018

Bobby Daniels

Bobby Daniels is the supreme accompanist.

by Robyn Flans
Jul 25, 2018