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  • Eddie

    Danny Seraphine is most deserving of all votes for the hall of fame. Speed, technique and style are extraordinary. I call upon all who read this to do the same. Thank you.

    • Ted Lane

      Agreed, and add Danny’s creativity, longevity, influence, and top ten hits!

  • Doug

    Tal Bergman is my pick.

  • Deb Stevens

    Hoping to see more voting for drummer Shaun Foist of Breaking Benjamin!!

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  • Cobragirlaz

    Shaun Foist!!!!!

  • Some Random Asshole

    Phil Dubois-Coyne deserves an award. Dude is Boston’s best-kept secret; absolutely flawless blend of speed, power, groove, creativity, and feel.

  • Gregg Bissonette is my pick!!!!!!!!!

  • Vote Lonnie Wilson for “Country” He has killed it this year playing on several #1 hits.
    Randy Houser- How Country Feels, Runnin outta moonlight, goodnight kiss, (Joe Nichols- Sunny and 75) Dustin Lynch – That’s where it’s at .. ETC!!
    Check out his site-

  • Bill Butler

    Gregg Bissonette

  • Samantha

    MY BOI TINOOOOOO ( Valentino arteaga of Of Mice & Men )

  • CRStardist

    Agreed…Gregg Bissonette

  • Craig Fields

    Glen Sobel is the man, no one plays a better one handed drum solo or paradiddles

  • Judy Torres

    Jon Farriss is the best drummer!

  • Rowan

    Jon Farriss from INXS

  • chrissie

    definetely Jon Farriss drum solo on stay young, BEST drummer ever and awesome vocals too 😀

  • Randy Thatcher

    Danny Seraphine is my pick

  • robertosoto3


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  • Gregg Bissonette

    Gregg Bissonette
    Is my pick

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  • Clairvoyant

    Elliot Sachs from the Vultures

  • a.c.

    Michael Shrieve-Santana – Automatic Man

  • Rose G Johnson

    Gregg Bissonette

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  • Alejandro Lescano

    Jon Farriss from Inxs is the best! Just listen to What you need (Wembley)

  • Karen Warner

    Jon Farriss is without a doubt the very best. He started playing at 3 years old. Wonderful talented drummer.

  • skydog

    Roxy Petrucci of Vixen

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  • Ziggy Mumblesparks

    Michael Shrieve…

  • Donna Elizabeth Monroe

    Michael Shrieve, Soul Sacrifice from Santana! Love it! Performance at Woodstock, the best!


  • Scott Churilla

  • Natasha Mays


  • Lee

    Carl Palmer by a long shot!

  • Janice Glock Baker

    Tal bergman

  • Janice Glock Baker

    Tal Bergman…he’s a great drummer and he’s so funny! Love him

  • Janice Glock Baker

    Tal Bergman… He’s great and I think he has an amazing time with JOE Bonamassa! He’s also hilarious to watch! Love him….almost as much as Joe!

  • Justafan

    Danny Seraphine!!

  • DrRon Grassi

    Danny Seraphine

  • KHenry14

    Danny Seraphine is very deserving.

  • Ed Georgie

    Danny Seraphine has influenced so many drummers with his distinctive style… he gets my vote!