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Emilie Cleuver - Hit Like A Girl Spotlight - April 19th, 2021

Emilie Cleuver is a drummer from the Netherlands, raised in a musical family, daughter of the Dutch Bulgarian pop singer Bojoura and drummer Hans Cleuver (founder of Drumschool Cleuver and drummer of the progressive rock band ‘Focus’), Emilie learned drumming…

Modern Drummer
Apr 19, 2021

Yoyoka Soma – Hit Like A Girl Spotlight - HLAG 2018 Contestant & 2021 Jr Global Ambassador - 4/4/21

  Yoyoka Soma is an 11 year old powerhouse of a drummer from Japan. She started playing drums at the age of two, played live at four, and formed her family band "Kaneaiyoyoka" at five. At 6 years old, she…

Modern Drummer
Apr 6, 2021

Domino Santantonio – Hit Like A Girl Spotlight - HLAG 2015 Contestant & 2021 Finals Judge - 3/30/21

Domino Santantonio is a 29 yr old drummer and social media sensation from Montreal, Canada. Domino comes from a family of musicians, her father is also a drummer and she started playing drums seriously at age 16. Domino enjoys playing…

Modern Drummer
Mar 30, 2021

Val Sepulveda – Hit Like A Girl Spotlight - HLAG 2013 Champion & 2021 Judge - 3/14/21

Val Sepulveda is an award-winning drummer from Villa Alemana, Chile now based in Los Angeles, CA. Her passion for drumming  started when she was 13 years old sitting on her first drum kit. She always followed beats and rhythms in…

Modern Drummer
Mar 14, 2021

Hit Like A Girl® “HLAG-X” 10th Anniversary Contest & Celebration - It's On! - 3/7/21

Hit Like A Girl— the global contest for girls, women and gender expansive drummers and beatmakers—is on now! The 2021 Hit Like A Girl Contest designated as HLAG-X (since 2021 is the 10th Anniversary of the groundbreaking, online program), will…

Modern Drummer
Mar 8, 2021