Advertising with Modern Drummer

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Advertising Options

Modern Drummer magazine is the world’s #1 drum magazine, and can deliver your ad to more than 103,000 drummers and percussionists each month. We can put your message in front of more readers than all the other drum magazines combined.

With Modern Drummer print, online, e-blast, and newsletter advertising options…

Your ad gets seen. Your ad gets results!

• Three ads in one issue: Additional 10% discount.
• Four ads in one issue: Additional 12% discount.
• Five or more ads in one issue: Additional 15% discount.

•Advertising Agencies: 15% commission.
•Drum shops and Studios: 15% discount off the regular rates.

2/10 net 30.


Cover Date
Ad Reservations
Materials Due
Mails to
Available in
Retail Markets
March Nov 20 Dec 24 Jan 28 Jan 30 Feb 5 Distributed at Winter NAMM
April Dec 20 Jan 22 Feb 25 Feb 27 Mar 5 Readers Poll Results
May Jan 20 Feb 19 Mar 25 Mar 27 Apr 2
June Feb 20 Mar 26 Apr 26 Apr 30 May 7
July Mar 20 Apr 23 May 25 May 29 Jun 4 Distributed at Chicago Drum Show
August Apr 20 May 21 Jun 27 Jun 30 Jul 2 Distributed At Summer NAMM
September May 20 Jun 25 Aug 1 Aug 3 Aug 6
October Jun 22 Jul 16 Aug 22 Aug 26 Sep 3 Back to School Buying Issue
November Jul 20 Aug 20 Sep 26 Sep 30 Oct 1
December Aug 20 Sep 17 Oct 24 Oct 29 Nov 5 Distributed at PASIC
January ’20 Sep 20 Oct 14 Nov 21 Nov 25 Dec 2 Holiday Buying Issue
February Oct 22 Nov 20 Dec 24 Dec 27 Jan 1



Size Width Height Final Trim
Final Trim
Full Page Bleed: 8.125 11″ 7.875″ 10.75″
Full Page: 7.25″ 10″
2/3 Page Bleed: 5.25″ 11″ 5″ 10.75″
2/3 Page: 4.75″ 9.75″
1/2 Page Horiz. Bleed: 8.125″ 5.5″ 7.875″ 5.25″
1/2 Page Horizontal: 7.25″ 4.75″
1/2 Page Vert. Bleed: 4″ 11″ 3.75″ 10.75″
1/2 Page Vertical: 3.25″ 9.75″
1/2 Page Island: 4.75″ 7.25″
1/3 Page Horiz. Bleed: 8.125″ 4″ 7.875″ 3.75″
1/3 Horizontal: 7.25″ 3.25″
1/3 Page Square: 4.75″ 4.75″
1/3 Page Vert. Bleed: 2.75″ 11″ 2.5″ 10.75″
1/3 Page Vertical: 2.25″ 9.75″
1/4 Page Vertical: 3.5″ 4.75″
1/6 Page Horizontal: 4.75″ 2.25″
1/6 Page Vertical: 2.25″ 4.75″
1″ Display: 2.25″ 1″
2″ Display: 2.25″ 2″
3″ Display: 2.25″ 3″


Size Width Height Final Trim
Final Trim
2 Page Spread Bleed: 16″ 11″ 15.75″ 10.75″
1-1/2 Page Spread Bleed: 12.125″ 11″ 11.625 10.75″
1-1/3 Page Spread Bleed: 10.875″ 11″ 10.375″ 10.75″
1/2 Page Horiz. Spread Bleed: 16″ 5.5″ 15.75″ 5.25″
1/2 Page Vert. Spread Bleed: 7.625″ 11″ 7.625″ 10.75″
1/2 Island Spread Bleed: 10″ 8″ 10″ 7.875″
1/3 Page Horiz. Spread Bleed: 16″ 4″ 15.75″ 3.75″
1/3 Page Square Bleed: 10″ 5.5″ 10″ 4.375″

Final trim size: 7.875″ x 10.75″
Trims: .125″ face, foot, head, gutter
Grind off: .125″ gutter
Bleeds: .125″
Live matter: keep .375″ from all edges
Binding: perfect

Ad Size Examples (shaded areas represent ads):

Modern Drummer Ad Sizes

File Format: Flattened PDF or EPS file
Resolution: 300 DPI
Color Mode: CMYK
Covert all fonts to outlines.

Ads may be supplied in one of three ways:
1. Post files to Modern Drummer FTP site. Address:, username: drummer, password: ads.
2. E-mail files to: [email protected] (compress files into a ZIP file).
3. Post to a file sharing site (e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.).

For additional information on print advertising contact:
Advertising Director Bob Berenson
(973) 239-4140 ext. 103
[email protected]

ModernDrummer.comModern Drummer’s website serves the needs of the worldwide drumming community. The site expands on our print magazine and incorporates new and unique elements such as blogs, video, up-to-the-minute news, lessons, and special announcements.

We offer a variety of sizes and options that can be customized. Typically an advertiser will request a minimum of 50,000 impressions during a 30-day period.

BANNER SIZES (click here for examples):
728×90 Banner
300×600 Banner
300×250 Banner

Banner Bundle: Run all banner sizes for a discounted rate!

Site Take-Over (Skin): Banners that surround content on the right, and left hand sides of a page.

Advertising on the site can begin upon receipt of your creative and can change according to your media plans. Choose the time frame and number of impressions you’d like to achieve daily, weekly, or monthly.

File Formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, or SWF (RGB Colorspace)
Resolution: 72 DPI
Color Mode: RGB
Max File Size: 150KB
GIF files must be 5 fps or slower and no longer than 30 seconds in length.
SWF files must be 20 fps or slower and no longer than 30 seconds in length.
Takeover: (Click here for template.)

E-mail your files to: [email protected] (compress files into a ZIP file).
Include the URLs (links) the banners are to go to in the body of the email.

Your banner’s total impressions and click-through rate will be provided each month. Analytics compiled from Revive Adserver.

For additional information about online advertising contact:
Advertising Director Bob Berenson
(973) 239-4140 ext. 103
[email protected]


THE WIRE (E-mail Newsletter)

(E-mail Newsletter)

The Wire from Modern DrummerA monthly email newsletter, the Modern Drummer Wire delivers unique editorial content and your advertising message to a highly receptive audience of drummers and percussionists. (example here)

600×130 Banner
500×200 Banner
200×500 Banner
200×200 Banner
Advertorial Banner (200×200 image/525 Characters of text)


Edition Ad Reservations
Materials Due
December Nov 30 Dec 7 Dec 15
January ’19 Jan 9 Jan 11 Jan 19
February Feb 1 Feb 8 Feb 16
March Mar 1 Mar 8 Mar 16
April April 5 Apr 12 Apr 19
May May 3 May 10 May 18
June Jun 7 Jun 14 Jun 22
July Jul 5 Jul 12 Jul 20
August Aug 2 Aug 9 Aug 17
September Sep 6 Sep 13 Sep 21
October Oct 4 Oct 12 Oct 19
November Nov 1 Nov 8 Nov 16

File Formats: JPG, PNG, or GIF
Color Mode: RGB Colorspace
Resolution: 72 DPI
Max File Size: 66KB
Animation: GIFs Limited to 60KB

E-mail your files to: [email protected] (compress files into a ZIP file).
Include the URLs (links) the banners are to go to in the body of the email.

Impressions and click-through rate provided each month.
Analytics compiled from Constant Contact.


For additional information about advertising in The Wire contact:
Advertising Director Bob Berenson
(973) 239-4140 ext. 103
[email protected]




We can send your message to subscribers who have opted in to receive email messages from Modern Drummer and our advertisers. Provide us with an HTML file and a “Subject line,” and specify what day and time you’d like your message to go out. We send you a test version for approval and then transmit your message on the day and time of your choosing.

Modern Drummer E-Blast

Creative must be received 2 business days prior to transmission date.

File Format: HTML5. All CSS must be inline for best cross-browser support.
Images: PNG (preferred file format), JPG, or GIF.
File Size: 5 MB or smaller for each image.
Resolution: 72 DPI
Color Mode: RGB Colorspace
Max Width: 640 pixels
Max Height:There’s no height limit. It is a best practice that the most important text be shown “above-the-fold” (within the preview pane of a typical email client). A preview pane will usually be between 300 and 500 pixels high. Be sure to optimize that space to feature as much content, promotion, and teaser as possible to encourage users to scroll further.
Subject Line: It’s suggested your subject line should have no more than 5-8 words or 40 characters. Most email providers will truncate, or cut off, subject lines with greater than 60 characters.

E-mail your assets to: [email protected] (compress files into a ZIP file).
Include the Subject line of the E-Blast in the body of the email.

Your E-Blast’s total impressions and click-through rate will be provided each month. Analytics are compiled from Constant Contact.

For additional information on scheduling an E-Blast contact:
Advertising Director Bob Berenson
(973) 239-4140 ext. 103
[email protected]


New Advertising Options!

Advertise with Modern Drummer Social Media

Social Media Advertising Options

Anyone can place an ad on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Only Modern Drummer can do it as the leading authority on drum gear for the past forty years.

We are excited to offer opportunities to promote your brand and products directly through our social media outlets to a target audience of your choice. Whether you want us to come shoot an “Industry Spotlight” video on your company, or simply provide us with your own content, we can find a cost effective way to reach the drum community directly through the world’s premier drum magazine social media presence.


Q: What is a target audience?

A: Social media platforms allow us to create a custom target audience to fit your needs. We can use the information that people put in their profile to fine tune who will come in contact with your ad. For example, if you sell drumsets, we can select people that like Facebook pages for other drumset manufacturers, popular artists, and more. Furthermore, we can include our own social media followers, upload contact lists, and use a wide array of targeting options to select the people that are just right for you. Best of all, the results of your ad are completely transparent, quantifiable, and can be used to fine-tune future target audiences.


Modern Drummer and InstagramQ: What are my targeting options?

A: We can deliver your message based on a number of criteria, including:

  • Device Type (desktop, mobile and tablets)
  • Location (country, state/province, city and zip code)
  • Demographics (age, gender, education, work, etc.)
  • Interests (hobbies, FB pages they like, apps they use, etc.)
  • Custom Audiences (your contact list, visitors to your website, etc.)


Q: How many people will my ad reach?

A: Your ad reach will be determined after selecting your target audience and daily budget. However, you will know the estimated daily reach for your ad prior to launching the campaign.


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Advertising

You provide a finished video or image featuring your company, product, or message. We then generate a paid advertising campaign directly through any combination of our social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You decide which social media platforms to use, a daily budget, how long the ad will run, and which target audience you’d like to reach. Ad reach varies based on targeting options and will be determined before running the ad(s).


Industry Spotlight Package

($3,500 + Social Media Ad Budget)

This is a turn-key package that includes travel and lodging expenses for our videographer (U.S. only. Call for international pricing), a full day of video production at your facility, all editing and post-production. We will capture your story and produce an “Industry Spotlight” article and video, which will be posted on  Furthermore, you can generate a paid video advertisement campaign directly through our Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter accounts. These video ads will be optimized to build your brand awareness and can target specific audiences of your choice. The video will also be uploaded directly to our YouTube channel for public viewing, embedding, and sharing.  In addition to the fixed package cost, be sure to determine your ad budget for promoting the post on social media (more info below).

Social Media Ad Budgets

You can set your social media ad budget to as little or as much as you want! The more you spend, the more of the target audience that your message will reach. We recommend a minimum of $20/day, but can accommodate any budget that suits your needs.

Campaign Duration

We have found great success in ten-day social media campaigns, as this allows us to cover two full weekends and one full week. We have also helped advertisers to establish many other types of campaign objectives, such as weekend promos, long-term brand awareness campaigns, holiday promotions and much more!

Ad Specifications:


  • Video
    • File Format: MOV or MP4
    • Resolution: 720p or higher
    • Text: 90 characters
    • Caption: 25 characters recommended (2,200 max)
    • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (recommended)
    • Thumbnail Image Ratio: Should match video aspect ratio. Image must not have more than 20% text
    • File Size: 4GB max
    • Frame Rate: 30fps max
    • Max Length: 60 minutes (2.3 GB)
  • Image
    • File Format: JPG, PNG, or GIF
    • Recommended Image Size: 1,200 x 628 pixels
    • Text: 90 characters
    • Headline: 25 characters
    • Image may not contain more than 20% text


  • Video
    • File Format: MOV or MP4
    • Resolution: 720p or higher
    • Aspect ratio: 16:9
    • Length: 60 seconds max (2.3GB)
    • File Size: 30MB
    • Frame Rate: 30fps
    • Caption: 125 characters
  • Image
    • File Format: JPG or PNG
    • Image size: 1080 x 1080 pixels
    • Aspect Ratio: 1:1
    • File Size: 30MB
    • Caption: 125 characters


  • Video
    • File Format: MOV or MP4
    • Tweet: 116 characters
    • Title (under video): 70 characters
    • Description (under video): 200 characters
    • File Size: under 1GB
    • Video codec: h.264
    • Bitrate: 6,000k+ for 1080p, and 5,000k+ for 720p
    • Frame Rate: 30fps
    • Thumbnail File Type: PNG or JPG
    • Thumbnail Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (recommended)
    • Thumbnail Size: 640 x 360 pixel (Minimun)
    • Thumbnail File Size: 5MP max
    • Max Length: 10 minutes
  • Image
    • File Format: JPG or PNG
    • Image Size: 800 x 320 pixels (3MB max)
    • Tweet: 116 characters

Podcast Advertising

We are now offering sponsorship opportunities for our Mike and Mike Podcast. This podcast has grown exponentially over the past year and has achieved more than 800,000 downloads since its inception, with each episode averaging over 7,000 downloads.

The Modern Drummer Podcast With Mike and Mike is a show that explores the topics that drummers love the most. Listeners get to sit in during weekly conversations between Modern Drummer managing editor, Mike Dawson, and founder and MD columnist, Mike Johnston, as they geek out on drumming technique, practice methods, and favorite exercises and offer insight on the latest gear and industry happenings.

A sponsorship of the podcast includes two placements in the show:

1. Pre-roll announcement up to fifteen seconds long: “The Modern Drummer Podcast with Mike and Mike is brought to you by Example Drum Manufacturer, specializing in hand-crafted drums since 1983.”

2. One minute conversation at show mid-point: Both hosts will discuss up to three bullet points that you provide in a natural and organic way that fits with the relaxed vibe of the show. You can have them discuss artists, new products, etc.


Ads may be supplied in one of three ways:
1. Post files to Modern Drummer FTP site. Address:, username: drummer, password: ads.
2. E-mail files to: [email protected] (compress files into a ZIP file).
3. Post to a file sharing site (e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.).

For additional information about social media and podcast advertising contact:
Miguel Monroy
Business and Content Development
[email protected]