Print Magazine Update

An open letter to Modern Drummer readers and subscribers, regarding print magazines:

Modern Drummer continues to offer our monthly magazine in both print and digital formats.

The Digital version of MD is released the first day of every month, it is available on the MD website and is formatted for all devices. Modern Drummer Digital is a completely interactive, more inspired, and more up to date version of Modern Drummer than was ever possible with print only magazines.

The print magazine is currently being combined in a two-month binding and will revert to a single binding per month as soon as the supply chain issues are cleared. Until that time, we are combining two months of issues into one binding. For example, March & April are in one physical printed issue.

As a small family-owned business, the challenges we are currently facing with print are immense. Paper is in short supply, and when available it is many times the price it has been in the past. Printing press allocation is backed up for weeks, sometimes months. Shipping is also delayed by weeks or even months. And throughout the entire process, from pickup to delivery, shipping rates have quadrupled. Even if MD were a huge customer (Vanity Fair, People Magazine, etc.) to the various vendors along the supply chain, these problems would still be present. However, as a small client, these challenges are multiplied many times over.

While most of our readers have happily migrated to digital (with print on an “as available” basis,) we understand that some of you only want print. If that’s the case, and you are not agreeable to dealing with the delays mentioned above, please contact Modern Drummer by email at: and we will refund your print subscription immediately. Alternatively, we can migrate your subscription to a digital monthly subscription, and encourage you to check out Modern Drummer Digital, it’s completely up to you.

We remain committed to our loyal readers and thank you very much for your continued support, patience, and understanding. We will get through this tumultuous time and be back to normal as soon as possible. In the meantime, please enjoy our monthly digital issues which are bursting with high quality content, and dropping unfailingly on the first of every month.

Mark Griffith