New MD App

Dear MD Subscriber,

Effective with the April 2017 issue, Modern Drummer is moving it’s digital issue delivery source to Zeen101. The move to Zeen consolidates our App and online versions into one provider.

If you’re a current App subscriber through iTunes, you’ll need to download the new App. NOTE! You will need to keep the current App to read the issues you have already purchased. If there are issues that you haven’t downloaded to your device, you will need to download those to your device that you want to keep, you’ll need to do this before the end of February. The previous digital provider will be turning off our access to those issue after February 2017.

We’re looking forward to providing you with an easy and seamless way to get to your favorite drumming information.

To ensure we provide you with the coupon code to log in to the new app, we’ll need your name, subscription email address, and your subscription start and ends dates. You can find the dates by opening the current app, and tap the “Subscribed” icon at the bottom of the screen, second from the right. Enter those dates below.

Modern Drummer App Screen Shot

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