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Sakae Almight Maple in Vintage White

by The Drum Shop - February 12, 2019

Japanese Built drums have a quality and sound all unto themselves.  And these Sakae Almighty Maple Shells are no exception.  Featuring CST (Chamber Specific Technology) and a tom mounting system that cradles the rack toms...the drums have tone for days.

The kit is spec'd out as a: 10X7, 12X8, 16X14 and 22X18 in gorgeous Antique White w/Chrome Hardware.  The shells will come with Sakae Specific Tom Arms just clamp them up and swing for the stars.

Using old world methods featuring a quality second to none, Sakae is truly making wonderful drums.  Don't just own a drum set...own an instrument that will allow you to communicate the way you've always wanted.

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