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Kick Drum Sliding? Here's the Top-Rated Solution

by KickBlock Products - July 2, 2019

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#1 Rated: "Best Bass Drum Anchor Product 2019" Drumming Review

"WOW.. Incredible product! I'll take it to every gig.” –Dennis G., Pro Drummer, Apoka FL

“Every drummer should have one! 5 Stars.” –Paul K., Madison WI


Invented by a pro drummer

KickBlock™ puts a shock-absorbing wall in front of your kick drum so your kit can't move, no matter how hard you play. KickBlock is different. Instead of mounting gadgets on your kick drum where they just bounce up and down with every kick, KickBlock uses the physics of motion and opposing force and plants the solution in front of your kit where it easily stops the forward motion of your drum.

With 27 square inches of exclusive custom-made UltraGrip™ hooks, KickBlock grips your drum rug like nothing you've seen. Shock-absorbing foam silently takes the beat and protects you kit. Lightweight, compact, and roadworthy. It's like putting a brick wall in front of your kit, except it's portable, weighs 5 ounces, and fits in your backpack.

Buy On: KickBlockProducts.com

Buy On Amazon.com


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