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Help Us Reboot America Musically

by International Big Band Jazz Cafe Society - 1 week ago


Introduces a proven methodology to the nation via a White House performance of a unique free after school program to the more than 15 million school-age children (26% of the student population) who are on their own without supervision after school.

Teaches American History along with pride, patriotism, and sacrifice for love of country.

Preserves an American Art Form and what Congress declared in 1985 as a rare and national treasure, Jazz and the Great American Song Book.

Creates employment (green jobs) for tens of thousands of musicians and supporting staff nationally that will stimulate the economy in approximately 100,000 public schools.

The “Reboot America Musically” methodology honors, entertains and benefits our U.S. Veterans thanking them for their service educatingyoung and old alike by providing a patriotic “History Concert” full of facts and fun trivia via an entertaining and unique presentation. 

A profitable venturecreating listening audiences for talented future generations. The community and entire music industry benefits and history is made by preserving it.

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